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  1. Definition of private. 1. as in confidential. not known or meant to be known by the general populace that he is planning to retire is private information until he makes a public announcement. Synonyms & Similar Words. Relevance. confidential. personal. secret.

  2. c. Of, relating to, or receiving special hospital services and privileges: a private patient. 3. Not available for public use, control, or participation: a private club; a private party. 4. a. Belonging to a particular person or persons, as opposed to the public or the government: private property. b.

  3. FRBO is an acronym for "For Rent by Owner." This means that the private landlord acts as the property manager and is the individual that a renter would work with directly for renting their property. How many FRBO properties are available in Fargo, ND? There are currently 16 properties For Rent by Owner in the Fargo area.

  4. Here is our list of 9 people that have very extraordinary natural (and unnatural) private parts.*****FOLLOW THE STRANGE LIST:Twitter: h...

  5. MICAH COHEN (MICAH.COHEN@FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM)FEBRUARY 11, 2021 FIVETHIRTYEIGHT. Indeed, more marketers know they can call on dratfLine now — proof that all costs are not created equal, even when the company is run on the lean and mean approach of its owner, private equity-like firm 3G Capital. We have leveraged our networks throughout our growth stages to bring in private investors from varied industries to join Worthy.

  6. Private browsing works differently depending on which browser you use. Browsing in private usually means: The searches you do or sites you visit won't be saved to your device or browsing history....

  7. Private cloud (also known as an internal cloud or corporate cloud) is a cloud computing environment in which all hardware and software resources are dedicated exclusively to, and accessible only by, a single customer. Private cloud combines many of the benefits of cloud computing—including elasticity, scalability, and ease of service delivery—with the access control, security, and resource customization of on-premises infrastructure.

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