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  1. List of largest private non-governmental companies by revenue ...

    This is a list of the world's largest non-governmental privately-held companies by revenue. This list does not include state-owned enterprises like Sinopec, State Grid, China National Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Pemex, PDVSA and others. These corporations have revenues of over $20 billion.

  2. Private limited company - Wikipedia

    A Private Limited Company is a Company which has a Minimum of Two members and a Maximum of 200 Members. To calculate members, present and past employees are excluded. A Private Limited Company can not invite general public to subscribe its securities. A Private Limited Company offers Limited Liability or Legal Protection for its Shareholders.

  3. Asurion - Wikipedia

    Asurion, LLC is a privately held company based in Nashville, Tennessee that provides insurance for smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics, appliances, satellite receivers and jewelry. In 2014, the company operated in 14 countries and had 49 offices with 19,000 employees serving 280 million consumers.

  4. A privately held company, private company, or close corporation is a business company owned either by non-governmental organizations or by a relatively small number of shareholders or company members which does not offer or trade its company stock (shares) to the general public on the stock market exchanges, but rather the company's stock is offered, owned and traded or exchanged privately ...

  5. America's Largest Private Companies 2017 - Forbes

    Aug 09, 2017 · In 2017, a total of 225 firms make it onto our 33 rd annual ranking of America’s largest private companies. Taken as a group, these companies have combined revenues of $1.57 trillion, down 3% ...

  6. Wegmans - Wikipedia

    As of 2006, it was the 66th largest privately held company, as determined by Forbes. On Forbes's 2005 list, Wegmans ranked 54th. Most of Wegmans' newer stores are of the superstore or megamarket type, with a large area, a variety of foods aimed at an upscale clientele, and, in many stores, Market Café in-store dining areas.

  7. DoorDash - Wikipedia

    DoorDash Inc. is an American on-demand prepared food delivery service founded in 2013 by Stanford students Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang and Evan Moore. A Y Combinator–backed company, DoorDash is one of several technology companies that uses logistics services to offer food delivery from restaurants on-demand.

  8. America's Largest Private Companies List - Forbes

    2017 Grateful Grads Index: Top 200 Best-Loved Colleges Full List: The World's Highest-Paid Actors And Actresses 2017 Meet The Richest Self-Made Women On Wall Street 2017

  9. Private vs. Public Company: What's the Difference?

    Private vs. Public Company: An Overview . Privately held companies are—no surprise here—privately held. This means that, in most cases, the company is owned by its founders, management, or a ...

  10. How the FCPA Applies To Private Companies I

    May 09, 2017 · private companies is that they are sub - ject to enforcement of the anti-bribery S E R V I N G TH E B E N C H A N D B A RSI N C E 1 8 8 8 Volume 257—No . 88 Tuesday, may 9, 2017 How the FCPA Applies To Private Companies White-Collar Crime Expert Analysis elkaN abramowiTz and JoNaThaN sack are members of Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello