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    A privately held company, private company, or close corporation is a business company owned either by non-governmental organizations or by a relatively small number of shareholders or company members which does not offer or trade its company stock to the general public on the stock market exchanges, but rather the company's stock is offered, owned and traded or exchanged privately or over-the ...

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    A Privately held company is owned by private entity (or persons) . This means that the company is owned by its founders, management, or a group of private investors. [1] Privately held companies does not sells its shares on a stock exchange.

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    A privately held company or close corporation is a business company ained either bi non-govrenmental organisations or bi a relatively smaw nummer o sharehaulders or company members which disna offer or trade its company stock tae the general public on the stock mercat exchynges, but rather the company's stock is offered, ained an tradit or exchynged privately.

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    ceased being a publicly traded company today and commenced operations as a privately held company owned by David H. Dole Food Company, Inc. (Grapevine: News About People) said it would acquire Golden West Dental & Vision, a privately held company with about 293,000 members.

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    A company in the “private sector” refers to non-government-owned businesses, and includes both privately held (non-traded) and publicly traded (offering stock shares traded on an exchange) companies. Examples of a privately held company. There are many more privately held companies than public companies in existence.

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    * Privately-held firms maintained an organic growth advantage over public brokers, growing 1.6 percentage points faster than the public brokers' 5.3 percent average rate, as measured by reported results for five large publicly held brokerage firms.

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    IBM has announced it has acquired Gluecode Software, a privately held company based in El Segundo, Calif., and provider of software and support services for open source application infrastructure software.

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    Privately held company synonyms, Privately held company pronunciation, Privately held company translation, English dictionary definition of Privately held company. Noun 1. private corporation - a corporation owned by a few people; shares have no public market close corporation, closed corporation, privately held...