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  1. Aug 3, 2017 · PCT level above 2.0 ng/ml on the first day of ICU admission could be associated with a higher risk for progression to severe sepsis and/or septic shock than PCT levels below 0.5 ng/mL. This diagnostic approach is also recommended in various guidelines [ 41 ].

  2. Implementing PCT Testing. Monitoring PCT Levels in Sepsis. The Future of PCT in the Management of Sepsis. What is Sepsis? Sepsis is a life-threatening bodily reaction to infection which occurs when the body’s immune response to an ongoing infection begins to damage its own tissue.

  3. Feb 1, 2013 · Procalcitonin is a helpful biomarker for early diagnosis of sepsis in critically ill patients. Nevertheless, the results of the test must be interpreted carefully in the context of medical history, physical examination, and microbiological assessment. Funding.

  4. High initial procalcitonin levels are a sensitive marker of bacterial infection, and the degree of procalcitonin elevation may determine which patients are at greater risk for adverse outcomes (mortality or ICU admission).

  5. Most importantly, PCT helps in guiding antibiotic use in patients with respiratory infection and sepsis by limiting initiation and by shortening treatment duration. To date, PCT is the best studied biomarker regarding antibiotic stewardship.

  6. Mar 29, 2023 · Studies have shown that high procalcitonin levels in people with sepsis are associated with a greater risk of septic shock and death. What Causes High Procalcitonin? While elevated procalcitonin levels can be a strong indication of sepsis, even minor infections like a tooth abscess can cause procalcitonin levels to rise.

  7. A high level of procalcitonin in your blood may be a sign of a serious infection or sepsis. Sepsis (also called septicemia) is your immune system's extreme response to an infection, usually from bacteria. Sepsis happens when an infection you already have spreads into your bloodstream and triggers a chain reaction throughout your body.

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