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  1. Scarlet Witch - Wikipedia › wiki › Scarlet_Witch

    3 days ago · Teleportation, time manipulation, reality warping. The Scarlet Witch ( Wanda Maximoff) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. Her first appearance was in The X-Men #4 (March 1964) in the Silver Age of Comic Books.

    • Wanda Marya Maximoff
    • The X-Men #4 (March 1964)
  2. Star Trek: First Contact - Wikipedia › wiki › Star_Trek:_First_Contact

    5 days ago · Budget. $45 million. Box office. $146 million. Star Trek: First Contact is a 1996 American science fiction film directed by Jonathan Frakes (in his motion picture directorial debut) and based on the franchise Star Trek. It is the eighth film in the Star Trek film series, as well as the second to star the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  3. Magneto (Marvel Comics) - Wikipedia › wiki › Magneto_(Marvel_Comics)

    4 days ago · Magneto ( Max Eisenhardt) ( / mæɡˈniːtoʊ /) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby, the character first appears in The X-Men #1 ( cover-dated September 1963) as an adversary of the X-Men.

    • Max Eisenhardt
    • The X-Men #1 (September 1963)
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  5. Namor - Wikipedia › wiki › Namor

    5 days ago · Namor the Sub-Mariner ( / ˈneɪmɔːr /) ( Namor McKenzie) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Debuting in early 1939, the character was created by writer-artist Bill Everett for comic book packager Funnies Inc. Initially created for the unreleased comic Motion Picture Funnies Weekly, the ...

  6. Jul 23, 2021 · * ''Film/ConanTheBarbarian2011'': [[BarbarianHero Conan]] swore [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge revenge]] on cult leader [[BigBad Khalar Zym]] for the slaughter of his village, spending the next 20 years building up his skills as a pirate and mercenary.

  7. Jul 20, 2021 · Sharks have never been able to outswim their reputation as mindless killers, which is so entrenched that the U.S. Navy once even tried to weaponize them. But are sharks really just “remorseless eating machines” on the hunt for blood? Hop in the water with marine scientists for a look at sharks’ extraordinary senses and unique adaptability.

  8. List of Guilty Gear characters - Wikipedia › wiki › Anji_Mito
    • Creation and Influences
    • Playable Characters
    • Non-Playable Characters
    • Reception

    Daisuke Ishiwatari has cited Kazushi Hagiwara's manga Bastard‼, and the fighting game Street Fighter II as influence to the Guilty Gear series. However, he noted that the majority of other fighting games were just recycling the character's same skins or style, and so he wanted every character "to be unique in their own way." Kazuhiko Shimamoto's characters were also noted as an inspiration for the male characters, with Ishiwatari saying they needed to be "chivalrous person-like characters", and citing Anji Mito"the most closest to this type". The female ones, on the other hand, have not followed a standard, with Ishiwatari only remarking that they needed to look like real women. There are many musical references in the Guilty Gear series, including various characters' names and moves, which were inspired by rock and heavy metal bands like Queen, Guns N' Roses, and Metallica. For instance, the main character, Sol Badguy, was named after Queen's lead vocalist, Freddie Mercury. Both hi...


    Voiced by: Maki Takimoto A.B.A(アバ, Aba) is an artificial life-form, or homunculus, that was created by a scientist who lived within "Frasco"(フラスコ, Furasuko) mountain. However, before her birth, her creator was taken away by the military. A.B.A found herself alone within Frasco, and lived the first ten years of her life in total isolation until she managed to escape from Frasco. She began to collect keys to find relief from her sadness as they represented the opening of a bold new world and an...

    Anji Mito

    Voiced by: Toru Igarashi Anji Mito(御津 闇慈, Mito Anji) is among the few people born of Japanese descent. Because of this, he is protected by the government since full-blooded Japanese are an endangered race. While there are those who accept this lifestyle, Anji does not—he compares acceptance of government to living in a zoo's cage. To regain his freedom, he escaped from his colony and pursued That Man (Asuka R. Kreutz) for answers. He fights with a pair of hand-held fans called Zessen(絶扇). It...


    Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki Answer(アンサー, Ansā)is a chief officer of Chipp Zanuff. Originally, he was an average street punk before Chipp appeared in his home to clean up crime and help the downtrodden. Finding his preaching annoying, Answer had challenged Chipp to a duel, but lost. After this loss, he was swayed by Chipp's words and joined him in creating the East Chipp Kingdom. Answer is said to have a photographic memory, and he essentially assists Chipp as a 'human database'.


    Voiced by: Chie Sawaguchi A mysterious, unseen character who That Man refers to during Guilty Gear 2: Overture. Little is known about her, however she is at least an acquaintance to both Sol and That Man, and the character Valentine is stated as being a copy of her. It is also hinted that she could be Justice as when she was killed off, her final words were wishing the three of them could talk one last time. However, this was false, as Justice is revealed to be one of Aria's clones created fr...

    Asuka R. Kreuz

    Voiced by (English): Yuri Lowenthal (Guilty Gear 2: Overture) Voiced by (Japanese): Tomokazu Sugita Asuka R. Kreuz(飛鳥=R=クロイツ, Asuka R. Kuroitsu), typically referred as "That Man"(あの男, Ano Otoko) is the creator of the Gears and was originally the primary antagonist of the Guilty Gear games until it ended in Xrd. He is not playable, nor does he ever directly fight anyone, but appears in several story sequences; his face is apparently in shadow and never seen completely (although in one of Anji...


    A dark king of the underworld, Inus is the fifth boss of Guilty Gear Judgment. Split into skeletal sections (two of them resembling skulls), he devours Raymond just before attacking the player character. After whatever character the player is controlling defeats Inus, he is subsequently killed, allowing Raymond to absorb his power to become Judgment. However, since Inus wished to remain dead, Judgment was consumed after he was defeated.

    The characters have often been noted as the best element of the Guilty Gear series. IGN said all the characters are very distinguishable and interesting, and remarked they "doesn't feel repetitive, even after dozens of hours of play", citing them as the reason that separates Guilty Gear from other fighting games. IGN also mentioned the character's play styles are "even more divergent" than their appearances. Game Informer stated "character complexity and unique visual design" have become hallmarks of Guilty Gear. GameSpy cited the characters as one of three reasons Guilty Gear X is "hands-down the best 2D fighting game" as of 2001, remarking that "[t]he difference in style for each character is profound". They also stated that it "has some of the coolest character designs ever seen in a game", and "one of the best casts of characters ever assembled in a fighter." GameSpot called them "unique character" and described their move-sets as "sometimes-bizarre". IGN called them "the best [...

  9. Best Student Loans of 2021 | U.S. News › student-loans

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  10. Jul 21, 2021 · In addition to paid commercials which take a lot of that time you get mindless banter between the host and producer, plus a rehash of the host's appearance schedule for the next 3 months, and also endless pitches to buy their books and other merchandise.

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