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  1. Oct 08, 2021 · The photography studio specializes in newborn photography and also shoots maternity photos, child photos, family portraits, pet photos, wedding photos, senior portraits, and corporate headshots. Alisa Murray is a member of the National Association of Childhood Portrait Artists, The Professional Photographers Association, and Texas Executive Women.

  2. Oct 12, 2021 · Naemi Photography takes photos of newborns in New York City. As a portrait photography studio, it also specializes in family, maternity, and children photography. Its services come in both individual and customizable service packages to suit people's specific needs.

  3. Sep 29, 2021 · Cake Smash sessions are some of my favorite and when we get to do family photos and an outdoor cake smash, it is even better. We aren’t able to have a themed smash, but the beautiful outdoors makes the perfect backdrop for the photos. We did this session at Eagle Creek Park and this location has a lot of hiking to get to the shooting area.

    • Has The Rash Got fluid-filled (Vesiculobullous) Lesions?
    • Is The Rash Papular (Raised)?
    • Is It Red and Scaly?
    • Is It Red But Not Scaly (and Not Purpuric)?
    • Is It Red and Purpuric?
    • Algorithm
    • Footnotes

    Clear fluid

    Consider: 1. Chickenpox (varicella)- vesicles (initially papules, often not noticed), appearing as 'drops of water'. Superficial, thin-walled with surrounding erythema rapidly changing to pustules and crusts. Appears in crops with all stages represented. First appears on the face and scalp and then spreads to the trunk and extremities. Crusts fall off in 1-3 weeks leaving a pink base. Initial fever is classically high before becoming low-grade. Beware of dyspnoea/cough which may indicate vari...

    Pustular rashes

    Consider: 1. Acne vulgaris- pustules, papules and comedones. Most commonly in teenagers and most commonly on the face but also on the back, shoulders and chest. 2. Folliculitis- small pustules at the base of hairs. 3. Pustular psoriasis.

    Consider: 1. Urticaria - hives or nettle rash. An itchy blotchy raised red rash. The typical lesion is a central itchy white papule or plaque due to swelling of the surface of the skin (wheal). This is surrounded by an erythematous flare. 2. Molluscum contagiosum- pearly or fleshy, umbilicated (ie central depression in papule). 3. Scabies- itchy, excoriated, S-shaped burrows, which should be visible with a magnifying glass. 4. Insect bites - bites typically result in single or grouped pruritic erythematous papules. Some may have a central punctum and others may be bullous. There may be a surrounding skin reaction. 5. Viral warts and verrucae - keratotic nodules or papules most commonly found on the hands and feet. 6. Keratosis pilaris- keratin accumulation at the base of hair follicles causing a harmless papular skin change. 7. Milia- common, benign, keratin-filled epidermoid cysts presenting as very small, raised, pearly-white or yellowish bumps on the skin. Common in newborns, but...

    With epidermal breakage (eczematous)?

    Atopic eczematypically involves itching erythematous patches, papules and plaques with moist crusted erosions on the face, neck and upper trunk and also the elbows and knees.

    Without epidermal breakage

    Consider: 1. Seborrhoeic dermatitis - inflamed greasy areas with fine scaling, most commonly on the face. Present with thicker scales as cradle cap in babies and infants. 2. Psoriasis - chronic plaque psoriasisis typified by itchy, well-demarcated circular-to-oval bright red/pink elevated lesions (plaques) with overlying white or silvery scale, distributed symmetrically over extensor body surfaces and the scalp. (Fissuring within plaques can occur when lesions are present over joint lines or...

    Consider: 1. Cellulitis- infection of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. There is erythema, pain, swelling and warmth of the affected area. 2. Kawasaki disease - widespread non-vesicular rash along with erythema, swelling and desquamation affecting the skin of the extremities. Associated with this is a fever lasting ≥5 days, marked irritability, bilateral conjunctivitis, inflammation of the lips, mouth and/or tongue and cervical lymphadenopathy. 3. Scarlet fever and the viral exanthemas - for example: 3.1. Measles- presents as erythematous macules and papules; initially discrete, may become confluent on the face, neck and shoulders. On mucous membranes, Koplik's spots (tiny bluish-white papules with erythematous areolae) may develop. Also, upper respiratory tract infection with cough, malaise and fever subsiding as the rash increases (measles prodrome = the 4 Cs - cough, coryza, conjunctivitis and very cranky!). 3.2. Scarlet fever(= scarlatina) exotoxin-mediated rash (Group A strep...

    Consider: 1. Meningococcal meningitis(not the most common but it must be excluded). Early on there may be a 2-10 mm macular or maculopapular rash (becoming apparent within the first 24 hours of disease) which is sparsely distributed on the face, trunk and lower extremities and blanches on pressure. Later as the disease develops, petechiae in the centre of macules become haemorrhagic (and do not blanche). Use the 'glass test' to assess 'blanchability' of the rash by placing a glass tumbler against lesions and applying pressure. 2. Henoch-Schönlein purpura - autoimmune hypersensitivity vasculitis of childhood. The main clinical features are skin purpura, arthritis, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal bleeding, orchitis and nephritis. 3. Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) - autoimmune condition resulting in low numbers of circulating platelets, causing petechiae and bruising and, less commonly, more serious internal bleeding. 4. Leukaemiaand other haematological disorders. 5. Trauma and non-ac...

    Summary of Paediatric Skin Rashes

    Adapted by Dr Adrian M Bonsall, from the Paediatric Handbook 6th Ed. Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

    The full list of the original exanthems is: 1. First disease = measles, or rubeola. 2. Second disease = scarlet fever, or scarlatina. 3. Third disease = German measles, or rubella. 4. Fourth disease = Dukes' disease, or Filatov's disease. 5. Fifth disease = slapped cheek syndrome, or erythema infectiosum. 6. Sixth disease = exanthem subitum, or roseola infantum. This ordinal nomenclature came about because, at the turn of the century, there were classically three exanthematous diseases recognised: measles, rubella and scarlet fever. Then, in 1900, Dr. Clement Dukes, medical officer at Rugby School, described another exanthem which he called 'fourth disease'. In 1905 erythema infectiosum (a term already in use for six years applying to the disease described previously by Tshamer and later by Escherich) was the fifth disease added to the list. Later, sixth disease (roseola infantum) was recognised and fourth disease was rejected by most observers because of insufficient evidence to su...

    • Dr Colin Tidy
  4. Sep 24, 2021 · Negativism in children can manifest in several different ways. Along with choosing to do the opposite of what parents or caregivers tell them to do, children may draw inward and become verbally non-responsive. The lack of response may go as far as to not look at others, or even acknowledge that others are in the room in any manner.

  5. Sep 29, 2021 · Icecream Slideshow Maker is very easy to use and supports a wide range of transitions. But, if you want to make photo slideshow with unlimited photos, you need to choose the advanced edition. 5. Proshow Gold. Both professional photographers and inexperienced users can perfectly use ProShow Gold.

  6. Oct 06, 2021 · Adam is a professional gay blogger who likes to share his travel stories. Many of them are useful for gay men wanting to travel to different places in the world. Apart from traveling, he also writes about a wide array of topics, including festivals, art, films, music, and books.

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  2. Save This Season With JCPenney! Make The Holidays Memorable With Cards As Low As $0.49. Receive 40% Off Total Purchase When You Shop Before Nov. 11th! Get Your Savings Today.

    21030 Dulles Town Cir, Sterling, VA · Directions · (703) 421-5449
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