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  1. PROCEDURAL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    procedural definition: 1. relating to a set of actions that is the official, legal, or accepted way of doing something…. Learn more.

  2. Procedural programming - Wikipedia

    Procedural programming is a programming paradigm, derived from structured programming, [citation needed] based on the concept of the procedure call.Procedures, also known as routines, subroutines, or functions, simply contain a series of computational steps to be carried out.

  3. Procedural generation - Wikipedia

    Contemporary application Tabletop role-playing games. Using procedural generation in games had origins in the tabletop role playing game (RPG) venue. The leading tabletop system, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, provided ways for the "game master" to generate dungeons and terrain using random die rolls, expanded in later editions with complex branching procedural tables.

  4. Procedural - Wikipedia

    Procedural may refer to: . Procedural generation, a term used in computer graphics applications; Procedural knowledge, the knowledge exercised in the performance of some task ...

  5. Procedural programming is a programming paradigm that uses a linear or top-down approach. It relies on procedures or subroutines to perform computations. Procedural programming is also known as imperative programming.

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  7. procedural - Wiktionary

    Nov 11, 2019 · procedural (comparative more procedural, superlative most procedural) Related to procedure. The judge dismissed the case on procedural grounds: it wasn't the facts or the law, but just that they hadn't filed the correct forms. Generated by means of a procedure, rather than being designed. a procedural texture; procedural terrain; Derived terms

  8. What does procedural programming mean? -

    Definition of procedural programming in the dictionary. Meaning of procedural programming. What does procedural programming mean? Information and translations of procedural programming in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

  9. Lista de linguagens de programação – Wikipédia, a ...

    O objetivo desta lista de linguagens de programação é incluir todas as linguagens de programação, atuais e históricas, em ordem alfabética.A relação inclui também o desenvolvedor, data de criação e o paradigma de programação que é a forma de classificar as linguagens baseada em suas funcionalidades..

  10. Procedural | Definition of Procedural by Merriam-Webster

    Procedural definition is - of or relating to procedure; especially : of or relating to the procedure used by courts or other bodies administering substantive law. How to use procedural in a sentence.

  11. Procedural definición y significado | Diccionario Inglés Collins

    Procedural definición: Procedural means involving a formal procedure . | Significado, pronunciación, traducciones y ejemplos