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      • Proprietary As a noun, a proprietor or owner; one who has the exclusive title to a thing; one who possesses or holds the title to a thing in his or her own right; one who possesses the dominion or ownership of a thing in his or her own right.
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  2. Definition of proprietary (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of an owner or title holder proprietary rights. 2 : used, made, or marketed by one having the exclusive legal right a proprietary process proprietary software.

  3. pertaining to property or ownership: proprietary wealth. belonging or controlled as property. (of a brand name, product, service, formula, etc.) protected by a patent, copyright, or trademark: proprietary drugs; a proprietary name; a proprietary logo; a proprietary blend of ingredients.

  4. proprietary - an unincorporated business owned by a single person who is responsible for its liabilities and entitled to its profits proprietorship ownership - the relation of an owner to the thing possessed; possession with the right to transfer possession to others

  5. pro·pri·e·tar·y. (prə-prī′ĭ-tĕr′ē) adj. 1. Of or relating to a proprietor or to ownership: had proprietary rights. 2. Privately owned, as a business: a proprietary hospital. 3. Owned by a private individual or corporation under a trademark or patent: a proprietary drug.

  6. proprietary definition: 1. relating to owning something, or relating to or like an owner: 2. Proprietary goods are made…. Learn more.

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