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  1. Protectorate - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · A protectorate is a state that is controlled and protected by another sovereign state. It is a dependent territory that has been granted local autonomy over most internal affairs while still recognizing the suzerainty of a more powerful sovereign state without being its direct possession.

  2. British protectorate - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · British protectorates were protectorates under the jurisdiction of the British government. Many territories which became British protectorates already had local rulers with whom the Crown negotiated through treaty, acknowledging their status whilst simultaneously offering protection. British protectorates were therefore governed by indirect rule.

  3. Saar Protectorate - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Geographically, the post–World War II protectorate corresponded to the current German state of Saarland (established after its incorporation into West Germany on 1 January 1957). A policy of industrial disarmament and dispersal of industrial workers was officially pursued by the Allies after the war until 1951 and the region was made a protectorate under French control in 1947.

  4. French protectorate of Tunisia - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · The French protectorate of Tunisia (French: Protectorat français de Tunisie; Arabic: الحماية الفرنسية في تونس ‎ al-Ḥimāya al-Fransīya fī Tūnis), commonly referred to as simply French Tunisia, was established in 1881, during the French colonial Empire era, and lasted until Tunisian independence in 1956.

  5. French Protectorate in Morocco - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · The French Protectorate of Morocco (French: Protectorat français au Maroc; Arabic: الحماية الفرنسية في المغرب ‎), also known as French Morocco, was the French military occupation of a large part of Morocco established in the form of a colonial regime imposed by France while preserving the Moroccan royal regime known as the Sherifian Empire under French rule.

  6. British overseas territories - Simple English Wikipedia, the ...

    Feb 18, 2021 · A British Overseas Territory is one of fourteen territories which the United Kingdom considers to be under its sovereignty, but not as part of the United Kingdom itself. Before 1981 the territories were known as colonies or Crown colonies.

  7. Zanzibar - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Zanzibar (/ ˈ z æ n z ɪ b ɑːr /; Swahili: Zanzibar; Arabic: زِنْجِبَار ‎, romanized: Zinjibār) is an autonomous region of Tanzania.It is composed of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25–50 kilometres (16–31 mi) off the coast of the mainland, and consists of many small islands and two large ones: Unguja (the main island, referred to informally as Zanzibar) and ...

  8. Commonwealth realm - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Feb 18, 2021 · From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Commonwealth realms, shown in pink A Commonwealth realm is a country in the Commonwealth of Nations which has Queen Elizabeth II as monarch. It includes her home country of the United Kingdom and many of its former colonies or territories, including:

  9. Qatar - Encyclopedia Britannica | Britannica

    5 days ago · Qatar, independent emirate on the west coast of the Persian Gulf. It has one of the world’s largest reserves of petroleum and natural gas and employs large numbers of foreign workers in its production process. The capital is the eastern coastal city of Doha.

  10. Kuwait - Encyclopedia Britannica | Britannica

    Feb 18, 2021 · The tiny country, which was a British protectorate from 1899 until 1961, drew world attention in 1990 when Iraqi forces invaded and attempted to annex it.

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