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  1. Proto-Slavic language - Wikipedia

    Proto-Slavic is the unattested, reconstructed proto-language of all the Slavic languages. It represents Slavic speech approximately from the 2nd millennium B.C. through the 6th century A.D.

  2. History of Proto-Slavic - Wikipedia

    The Proto-Slavic language, the hypothetical ancestor of the modern-day Slavic languages, developed from the ancestral Proto-Balto-Slavic language (c. 1500 BC), which is the parent language of the Balto-Slavic languages (both the Slavic and Baltic languages, e.g. Latvian and Lithuanian).

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  4. Early Slavs - Wikipedia

    The Proto-Slavic homeland is the area of Slavic settlement in Central and Eastern Europe during the first millennium AD, with its precise location debated by archaeologists, ethnographers and historians. Most scholars consider Polesia the homeland of the Slavs. Theories attempting to place Slavic origin in the Near East have been discarded.

  5. Slavs - Wikipedia

    Proto-Slavic is defined as the last stage of the language preceding the geographical split of the historical Slavic languages. That language was uniform, and on the basis of borrowings from foreign languages and Slavic borrowings into other languages, cannot be said to have any recognizable dialects – this suggests that there was, at one time ...

  6. Wikipedia shqip - Wikipedia

    Wikipedia Shqip është versioni shqip i Wikipedia-s, enciklopedisë së lirë. Ajo filloi më 12 tetor 2003 dhe sot përmban 79.920 artikuj.Wikipedia shqip e ka vendin e 72-të sipas listës së Wikipedia-ve.

  7. shqip - Wiktionary

    Dec 10, 2020 · Etymology Either a calque of Proto-Slavic *slověne (“Slavs”) using shqipoj (“to speak clearly”), or else from shqipe, shkype, dialectal forms of shkabë (“eagle”), according to a tribal totemic belief linked to the Albanian medieval flag. Replaced the now dialectal (Arbëresh, Arvanitika) arbër, αρbε̰ρ (arbër) ~ arbën.

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    Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

  9. Sllovenia - Wikipedia

    Republika e Sllovenisë (sllovenisht: Republika Slovenija) është një vend bregdetar pranë Alpeve në Europën jugore. Në perëndim kufizohet me Italinë, Detin Adriatik në jug-perendim të saj ndodhet Kroacia ndërsa Hungaria në lindje-perendim dhe Austria në veri.

  10. Proto-Slavic - Wiktionary

    Jan 24, 2021 · Proto-Slavic (linguistics) A hypothetical, reconstructed language whence all the Slavic languages later descended.

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