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  1. If you enjoy playing Sticky's Mixmaster, you might be excited to find out that there are 7 more The Proud Family games you can try! The most popular is Attack of the G-Nomes, and the most recently added is Theme Song

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  2. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. The most popular game is Sticky's Mixmaster, which has been played 172827 times so far, and the most rated one is Proud Mini-Putt, with 212 votes received. These The Proud Family games received an aggregate rating of 72 / 100 from a total of 1566 votes.

  3. Hi ya'll!It took me a minute to figure out this game but I thought it was fun. It was an interesting take on matching squares since it's also creating paths....

    • Oct 29, 2020
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    • Kittet3
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    Sticky is a short African American teenage boy, being only a bit below Dijonay in height. He wears a blue jacket with the collar showed up, a light greyish blue (white in the revival) t-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and dark brown shoes. He also wears a dark brown beanie and thin sunglasses (became a light shade in the revival) worn narrowed down.

    He is Penny's best male friend who acts like a cool dude while also being very intelligent. In Bring It On, he warns Penny about The Gross Sisters' plan of getting rid of LaCienega Boulevardez by pulling a prank that would injure her and cause her not to be able to win the last spot on the cheerleading team. Throughout the series, he is stalked and...

    The Proud Family

    1. "Bring It On" (first appearance) 2. "Suga Mama's Believers" 3. "Wedding Bell Blues" 4. "It Takes A Thief" 5. "Bring It On" 6. "Strike" 7. "Rumors" 8. "Tiger Whisperer" 9. "Spelling Bee" 10. "She's Got Game" 11. "Forbidden Date" 12. "Don't Leave Home Without It" 13. "Seven Days Of Kwanzaa" 14. "The Party" 15. "Love Thy Neighbor" 16. "I Had a Dream" 17. "I Love You Penny Proud" 18. "Puff's Magic Adventure" 19. "Enter The Bullies" 20. "Hip-Hop Helicopter" 21. "Romeo Must Wed" 22. "A Star Is S...

    Louder and Prouder

    1. "New Kids on the Block" (cameo/only and final appearance, no lines)

    Sticky has the same role as Cornelius Fillmore from Fillmore and they are both voiced by Orlando Brown (star of Disney Channel's That's So Raven), in the revival, he did not reprise the role, due t...
    Sticky is not present in Louder and Prouder. We are unsure why, although, it may have been because of his voice actor, Orlando Brown, getting into numerous legal issues between 2016-2018. Due to Br...
    • March 9, 1987
    • Male
    • Sicuan Webb
    • Sticky
  4. Sticky's Mixmaster is a game from The Proud Family website. Synopsis. Are you ready for some good fun? Then Sticky's Mixmaster game is all that you need to impress everyone and show the world how good you are. Today you will learn how to mix your own beat, to create a cool remix that can be on top.

  5. Trudy is his mother Penny, a very smart woman who works as a veterinarian. Penny has a younger brother named Bebe and CeCe little sister in name. In games with The Proud Family category you will find games that will test your qualities such as skill, agility, creativity or sense of adventure. If you enjoyed our games with The Proud Family ...

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