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  1. scientific method systematic procedure of observing and measuring phenomena to answer questions about it; involves a dynamic interaction between theories, hypotheses, and research theory a model of interconnected ideas or concepts that explains what is observed and makes predictions about future events hypothesis

  2. 5 steps of the scientific method, types of psychological research, research samples and settings, analyzing and interpreting data, conducting ethical research, thinking critically about psychological research, the scientific method and health and wellness Terms in this set (70) variable anything that can change in research theory

  3. A numerical index of the degree of relationship between two variables is the .correlation coefficient. As the number of bystanders' increases, people are less likely to help someone who is in distress. This suggests that the size of a crowd and helping behavior are negatively correlated.

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  5. Scientific method The term is given to systematic steps which are used to plan, conduct and report research Hypothesis The term given to a testable prediction of the relationship between two or more events participants or subjects The persons or animals whose behaviour is systematically observed in a study. research sample

  6. What are the 5 steps in the scientific method? 1. perceive the question 2. form a hypothesis 3. test the hypothesis 4. draw conclusions 5. report your results so that others can replicate hypothesis *tentative explanation of a phenomenon based on observations *can be falsifiable *specific assumption that can be tested for accuracy

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