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  1. In geometry, a quadrant is one of the four sections of a rectangular coordinate plane. The four quadrants make up the area contained by the x- and y-axes and are labeled I through IV, starting in the upper right quadrant and going counterclockwise, as shown in the figure below.

  2. Quadrant (graph) more ... Any of the 4 areas made when we divide up a plane by an x and y axis, as shown. They are usually numbered I, II, III and IV. See: Quadrant (circle) Cartesian Coordinates. Illustrated definition of Quadrant (graph): Any of the 4 areas made when we divide up a plane by an x and y axis, as shown.

  3. Quadrant one (QI) is the top right fourth of the coordinate plane, where there are only positive coordinates. Quadrant two (QII) is the top left fourth of the coordinate plane. Quadrant three (QIII) is the bottom left fourth. Quadrant four (QIV) is the bottom right fourth.

  4. A graph quadrant is one of four sections on a Cartesian plane. Each of the four sections has a specific combination of negative and positive values for x and y. You plot an ordered pair on graph quadrants. Ordered pairs have x and y values. X is the first value in an ordered pair; y is the second.

  5. A quadrant is a region defined by the two axes (x-axis and y-axis) of the coordinate system. When the two axes, x-axis and y-axis, intersect each other at 90 degrees, the four regions so formed are the quadrants. These regions include both positive and negative values of x-axis and y-axis, called coordinates.

  6. Quadrant (plane geometry) The four quadrants of a Cartesian coordinate system The axes of a two-dimensional Cartesian system divide the plane into four infinite regions, called quadrants, each bounded by two half-axes.

  7. Dec 29, 2023 · A quadrant is a distinct section of the Cartesian coordinate plane, formed by the intersection of its x-axis and y-axis. The word “quadrant” itself comes from the Latin word “quadrans,” which means “a quarter.”

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