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    The right-angled triangle definition of trigonometric functions is most often how they are introduced, followed by their definitions in terms of the unit circle. Right triangle definition. For a right triangle with one acute angle, θ, the tangent value of this angle is defined to be the ratio of the opposite side length to the adjacent side ...

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    Among these languages are: C's math.h standard library, the Java Math library, .NET's System.Math (usable from C#, VB.NET, etc.), the Python math module, the Ruby Math module, the Go math package and elsewhere. In addition, many scripting languages, such as Perl, include the C-style atan2(y, x) function.

  3. If you prefer it, you can drag the origin into any corner to display just one quadrant. The point A is in the top right quadrant (first quadrant). Note how both x and y coordinates are positive because the point is up and to the right of the origin. Drag the point into the top left quadrant (second quadrant).

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