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  2. The Quadrants. In the cartesian system, the coordinate plane is divided into four equal parts by the intersection of the x-axis (the horizontal number line) and the y-axis (the vertical number line). These four regions are called quadrants because they each represent one-quarter of the whole coordinate plane. They are denoted by Roman numerals ...

  3. Oct 1, 2018 · Quadrant (graph) more ... Any of the 4 areas made when we divide up a plane by an x and y axis, as shown. They are usually numbered I, II, III and IV. See: Quadrant (circle) Cartesian Coordinates.

  4. Define quadrant. quadrant synonyms, quadrant pronunciation, quadrant translation, English dictionary definition of quadrant. n. 1. Mathematics a. A circular arc of 90 ...

  5. Quadrant definition, a quarter of a circle; an arc of 90°. See more.

  6. quadrant: [noun] an instrument for measuring altitudes consisting commonly of a graduated arc of 90 degrees with an index or vernier and usually having a plumb line or spirit level for fixing the vertical or horizontal direction. a device or mechanical part shaped like or suggestive of the quadrant of a circle.

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