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  1. The amount of rain in May is high with an average of 115mm (4.5in). the annual climate of quebec city, quebec canada. If you enjoy looking at a blue sky and like sunbathing than this month is a great period to visit Quebec City. The average annual temperature in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada is cool at 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

  2. Montreal (Quebec) is a city within Canada (but not the capital city). This second table is for the average temperatures across the year in degrees Fahrenheit. kenmore washington weather May 22, 2011 Check the weather forecast for Montreal before you travel to Canada. in winter to 58.1 degrees Fahrenheit (14.5 degrees Celsius) in Spring.

  3. The average high temperature for A city on October 31 is 58° Fahrenheit with a standard deviation of 11 degrees. If the temperature C in Celsius is calculated from the temperature in Fahrenheit F by C = -(F – 32), what is the variance of the temperature in A on October 31 in degrees Celsius?

  4. Now, what do we have in this question? They're saying let X be a random variable that represents that every daily temperatures in the month of July in a small …

  5. The data set shows the October 1 noon temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit for a particular city in each of the past 6 years. 76, 71, 78, 61, 85, 73 What is the five-number summary of the data set? What is the mean, x bar, of the data set? What is the sum of the squares of the differences between each data value and the mean?