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    Feb 18, 2021 · Queen Anne's Revenge was an early-18th-century ship, most famously used as a flagship by Edward Teach, better known by his nickname Blackbeard. Although the date and place of the ship's construction are uncertain, [3] it was originally believed she was built for merchant service in Bristol , England in 1710 and named Concord , [4] later captured by French privateers and renamed La Concorde .

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    • La Concorde
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    6 days ago · History records that the Queen Anne’s Revenge sailed about six months as the Blackbeard’s flagship. Before that, it sailed as La Concorde for seven years, making three slaving voyages.

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  4. Queen Anne's War - Wikipedia's_War

    1 day ago · Queen Anne's War (1702–1713) was the second in a series of French and Indian Wars fought in North America involving the colonial empires of Great Britain, France, and Spain; it took place during the reign of Anne, Queen of Great Britain.

    • North America
    • France cedes to Britain the control of Acadia, Newfoundland, Hudson Bay, and Saint Kitts
  5. The true and false stories of Anne Bonny, pirate woman of the ...

    Feb 18, 2021 · And much later, in 2015, archaeologists would find metal urethral syringes with mercury in the sunken wreck of his flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. But Blackbeard’s blockade was a pivot ...

  6. Stede Bonnet - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · After Bonnet failed to capture the Protestant Caesar, his crew abandoned him to join Blackbeard aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. Bonnet stayed on Blackbeard's ship as a guest, and did not command a crew again until summer 1718, when he was pardoned by North Carolina governor Charles Eden and received clearance to go privateering against Spanish ...

    • Revenge, later renamed Royal James
    • 1717–1718
  7. French corsairs - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · The corsairs were privateers working for the King of France attacking the ships of France's enemies. In France they did not need to fear punishment for piracy—being hanged—as they were granted a licence as combatants, the lettre de marque or lettre de course, a document which legitimised their actions to the French justice system and which they hoped gave them the status of a war prisoner ...

  8. Anne, Princess Royal - Wikipedia,_Princess_Royal

    4 days ago · Anne, Princess Royal, KG, KT, GCVO, GCStJ, QSO, CD (Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise; born 15 August 1950) is the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. She is 15th in the line of succession to the British throne [a] and has been Princess Royal since 1987.

  9. Anne Bonny - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Anne Bonny (8 March 1697 – unknown; possibly Dec. 29, 1733) was an Irish pirate operating in the Caribbean, and one of the most famous female pirates of all time. The little that is known of her life comes largely from Captain Charles Johnson's (it is probable that this work was actually written by Daniel Defoe) A General History of the Pyrates.

  10. SMS Dresden (1917) - Wikipedia

    Feb 18, 2021 · SMS Dresden was the second and final ship of the Cöln class of light cruisers to be completed and commissioned in the Kaiserliche Marine.The ship was laid down in 1916 and launched on 25 April 1917; she was commissioned into the High Seas Fleet on 28 March 1918.

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