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  1. Isabeau of Bavaria (or Isabelle; also Elisabeth of Bavaria-Ingolstadt; c. 1370 – September 1435) was queen of France between 1385 and 1422. She was born into the House of Wittelsbach as the only daughter of Duke Stephen III of Bavaria-Ingolstadt and Taddea Visconti of Milan.

  2. Isabeau of Bavaria, Anne of France, and the History of Female Regency in France* Tracy Adams and Glenn Rechtschaffen Female regency in France has a long history. Queen Fredegund (d. 597) monitored her young son Chlotar's succession and reign after the assassination of her husband, Chilperic; Anne of Kiev (d. 1075) acted as

  3. Queen Isabeau of Bavaria (b. 1371, d. 1435), married king Charles VI of France in 1385, manuscript produced for her under the supervision of Christine de Pizan (b. c. 1364, d. c. 1430): presentation miniature (f. 3), dedicatory poem (ff. 3r-v), between 1413 and 1414: Ballade 9 (Encore aultres balades) refers to Jean de Bourbon's 'hault voyage ...

  4. May 23, 2018 · Isabeau of Bavaria (also Elisabeth of Bavaria-Ingolstadt; c. 1370 – 24 September 1435) was Queen of France as the wife of King Charles VI, whom she married in 1385. She was born into the old and prestigious House of Wittelsbach, the eldest daughter of Duke Stephen III of Bavaria-Ingolstadt and Taddea Visconti of Milan.

  5. Oct 09, 2016 · Female regency was not unknown in France during the later Middle Ages, but the position of Queen Isabeau of Bavaria in the early years of the fifteenth century was unprecedented. In the aftermath of the madness of her husband, Charles VI (1380–1420), Isabeau...

  6. Feb 12, 2009 · 19 Carved by Pierre de Thury, this ‘depicts Isabeau in 1435’ according to Hindman, Sandra, ‘ The Iconography of Queen Isabeau de Bavière (1410–1415): An Essay in Method ’, Gazette des beaux-arts, ser. 6, CII (1983), 104 Google Scholar.

  7. Where she more (way more) than made up for it was in textiles. Isabeau invested dearly in type of fabric, quality of fabric, origin of fabric, color of fabric, and decoration of fabric. Silk, which had to be purchased abroad, did comprise some of her wardrobe, especially in the 1390s. A lot of silk taffeta, much of it embroidered in gold and ...

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