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  1. Isabella II ( Spanish: Isabel II; 10 October 1830 – 9 April 1904), was Queen of Spain from 29 September 1833 until 30 September 1868. Shortly before her birth, the King Ferdinand VII of Spain issued a Pragmatic Sanction to ensure the succession of his firstborn daughter, due to his lack of a son.

  2. isabel ii del reino unido ( elizabeth alexandra mary; londres, 21 de abril de 1926 - castillo de balmoral, 8 de septiembre de 2022) 1 fue la monarca del reino unido desde su ascenso al trono en 1952 hasta su muerte en 2022, además de la soberana de otros catorce estados independientes constituidos en reino y que forman parte de la mancomunidad de …

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  3. Queen of Spain 1843-1868. She was the eldest daughter of Fernando VII and his fourth wife, Maria Christina. Maria became queen-regent on September 29, 1833, when her daughter Isabel, at the age of three years, was proclaimed queen. Queen Isabel succeeded to the throne because Ferdinand VII induced the Cortes to assist...

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    • Background
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    • Isabella Becomes Queen
    • Early Uprisings
    • Rule Ended by Revolution

    Isabella, who lived during troubled times for the Spanish monarchy, was the daughter of Ferdinand VII of Spain (1784 - 1833), a Bourbon ruler, by his fourth wife, Maria of the Two Sicilies (1806 - 1878). She was born October 10, 1830.

    Ferdinand VII became king of Spain in 1808 when his father, Charles IV, abdicated. He abdicated about two months later, and Napoleon installed Joseph Bonaparte, his brother, as the Spanish king. The decision was unpopular, and within months Ferdinand VII was again established as king, though he was in France under Napoleon's control until 1813. Whe...

    Isabella succeeded to the Spanish throne on the death of her father, September 29, 1833, when she was just three years old. He had left directions that Salic Lawwould be set aside so that his daughter, rather than his brother, would succeed him. Maria of the Two Sicilies, Isabella's mother, supposedly had persuaded him to take that action. Ferdinan...

    In a series of diplomatic turns, called the Affair of the Spanish Marriages, Isabella and her sister married Spanish and French nobles. Isabella had been expected to marry a relative of Prince Albert of England. Her change in marriage plans helped alienate England, empower the conservative faction in Spain, and bring Louis-Philippe of France closer...

    Her authoritarianism, her religious fanaticism, her alliance with the military and the chaos of her reign — sixty different governments — helped bring about the Revolution of 1868 that exiled her to Paris. She abdicated on June 25, 1870, in favor of her son, Alfonso XII, who ruled beginning in December 1874, after the First Spanish Republic collaps...

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    • She Had A Disastrous Start. Isabella II’s life didn’t exactly have the most amazing start. Born on October 10, 1830, Isabella’s father was the problematic King Ferdinand VII of Spain, who some historians describe as “incompetent, despotic, and short-sighted.”
    • She Was The Product Of Desperation. You see, Isabella’s dad desperately needed an heir—a male heir, to be exact—and none of his previous wives managed to produce one.
    • She Was Destined For Power. Isabella’s dad ratified a decree that allowed her and her younger sister, Luisa Fernanda, to inherit the Spanish throne. Thanks to his decree, Isabella was on track to receive a powerful, prestigious position, instead of being mere arm candy to the son of a royal house.
    • She Had A Close Enemy. Before Isabella came along, someone else was first in line for the throne. That person was her uncle, the Infante Carlos María Isidro of Spain.
  4. Isabella II (1830–1904)Queen of Spain from 1833 to 1868, during the nation's difficult transition from absolutism to constitutional monarchy. Name variations: Isabel II or Maria Isabella Louisa. Born on October 10, 1830, in Madrid, Spain; died on April 9, 1904, in Paris, France;eldest surviving daughter born to Ferdinand VII, king of Spain (r.

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