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  1. Isabella of France (c. 1295 – 22 August 1358), sometimes described as the She-Wolf of France (French: Louve de France), was Queen of England as the wife of King Edward II, and de facto regent of England from 1327 until 1330.

  2. Mar 15, 2024 · Isabella of France (born 1292—died August 23, 1358) was the queen consort of Edward II of England, who played a principal part in the deposition of the king in 1327. The daughter of Philip IV the Fair of France , Isabella was married to Edward on January 25, 1308, at Boulogne .

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  3. Isabella of England (1214 – 1 December 1241) was an English princess of the House of Plantagenet. She became Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Sicily, Italy and Germany from 1235 until her death as the third wife of Emperor Frederick II.

  4. Dec 30, 2018 · Fourteenth century English Queen Isabella, the She-Wolf of France aka the Rebel Queen, was a complex, violent person who drank heavily but who was charitable to the poor and well-liked by her people. She killed her husband, King Edward II, the only English queen known to have killed an English king. Later in life she became a nun.

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  5. Jan 30, 2019 · One of the most notorious women in English history, Isabella of France led an invasion of England that ultimately resulted in the deposition of her king and husband, Edward II, in January 1327 – the first ever abdication of a king in England.

  6. Apr 28, 2023 · Isabella of France (c. 1292-1358) was the queen consort of Edward II of England (r. 1307-1327). After heading a coup to overthrow her husband, she ruled as regent for their young son, Edward III of England (r. 1327-1377) until he forced her into retirement in 1330. She died in England in 1358 and is known to history as the "she-wolf of France."

  7. Jun 1, 2017 · About Isabella of France. Known for: Queen Consort of Edward II of England, mother of Edward III of England; leading campaign with her lover, Roger Mortimer, to depose Edward II. Dates: 1292 - August 23, 1358. Also known as: Isabella Capet; She-Wolf of France.

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