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  1. Nov 06, 2020 · Isabella I of Spain (April 22, 1451–November 26, 1504) was the queen of Castile and León in her own right and, through marriage, became the queen of Aragon. She married Ferdinand II of Aragon, bringing the kingdoms together into what became Spain under the rule of her grandson Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor.

    • Jone Johnson Lewis
    • Women's History Writer
  2. Isabella I ( Spanish: Isabel I; 22 April 1451 – 26 November 1504) was Queen of Castile from 1474 until her death in 1504, reigning over a dynastically unified Spain together with her husband, King Ferdinand II of Aragon. She was Queen of Aragon after Ferdinand II ascended to that throne in 1479. Together, Isabella and Ferdinand are known as ...

  3. Queen Isabella summary: Queen Isabella was born to John II on April 22nd, 1451. When she was three, her father died, making her half-brother, Henry IV, King. Henry later named Isabella his successor, but withdrew his support when she married Ferdinand II of Aragon in 1469.

  4. Isabella II ( Spanish: Isabel II; 10 October 1830 – 9 April 1904), was Queen of Spain from 29 September 1833 until 30 September 1868. Shortly before her birth, the King Ferdinand VII of Spain issued a Pragmatic Sanction to ensure the succession of his firstborn daughter, due to his lack of a son. She came to the throne a month before her ...

  5. Jul 03, 2019 · Background Isabella, who lived during troubled times for the Spanish monarchy, was the daughter of Ferdinand VII of Spain (1784 - 1833), a Bourbon ruler, by his fourth wife, Maria of the Two Sicilies (1806 - 1878). She was born October 10, 1830. Her Father's Reign Ferdinand VII became king of Spain in 1808 when his father, Charles IV, abdicated.

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