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    The nobility of Greater Poland favored him and proposed that he marry Jadwiga. However, Lesser Poland's nobility opposed him and persuaded Queen Elizabeth to send Jadwiga to Poland. Jadwiga was crowned "king" in Poland's capital, Kraków, on 16 October 1384.

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    Saint Queen Jadwiga of Poland, Kraków. 4.6K likes. I created this page because I made a super strong connection with her while visiting Krakow and the Cathedral of Wawelu during September 2011. She...

    • Katedra Na Wawelu, Kraków, Poland, Lesser Poland Voivodeship
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    She is venerated by the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Hedwig, where she is the patron saint of queens and a United Europe. From the time of her death, Jadwiga was venerated widely in Poland as a saint, though she was only beatified by the church in the 1980s. She was canonized in 1997, by Polish-born Pope John Paul II.


    The impressive interior of the Roman Catholic Church Saint Jadwiga the Queen, in the beautiful city of Kielce in Poland. The church building is also an architectural gem, located on a sunny hill in the Northern part of the City of Kielce, in the middle of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains), at the banks of Silnica river, 180 Km south of Warsaw.

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    As queen of Poland, Jadwiga pioneered the translation of books and manuscripts, including religious texts, into the vernacular; she inaugurated church choirs and music, and personally stitched altar cloths and vestments for her various foundations. Jagiello's forces had looted and pillaged the area.

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    Mar 27, 2020 · St. Jadwiga, sometimes referred to as St. Hedwig is a very significant figure in the history of Christianity in Poland. She was born in Bavaria, in southern Germany and entered into an arranged marriage with Henry I the Bearded, one of the first Piast rulers of Silesia. St. Jadwiga while she was queen. (Xpeye / Public Domain)

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    Oct 25, 2015 · A Saintly Reign In February 1386, Jadwiga married Jogaila, who became King Władysław Jagiełło of Poland. It’s at this point that Jadwiga became legendary across the land for her holiness and good works. She attended mass daily, praying in front of a large black crucifix in Wawel Cathedral.

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    Queens regnant being relatively uncommon in Europe at the time, Jadwiga was officially crowned a king. She is venerated by the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Hedwig, where she is the patron saint of queens.

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    The most influential woman in Polish history, bar none, Queen Jadwiga of Poland reigned as the country’s first female monarch (formally holding the title of 'King') between 1384 and 1399. She took the throne at only ten years of age following the death of her father, Louis the Great - King of Hungary and Poland, who failed to sire any sons.

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