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  1. May 31, 2016 · Her first husband, Hugh Swynford died in 1371 and she had four children with John of Gaunt between 1373 and 1379. These children were given the surname Beaufort , after one of the prince s estates in France, and they were retrospectively legitimised when their parents finally married in 1396.

  2. Katherine Tudor may refer to: Katherine Woodville, Duchess of Bedford, wife of Jasper Tudor. Katherine Tudor, Princess of England, daughter of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York. Katheryn of Berain, Welsh noblewoman also known as Katherine Tudor. Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England and first wife of Henry Tudor (Henry VIII) and only ...

  3. Katherine "Kat" Ashley, was governess to Princess Elizabeth Tudor (later Queen Elizabeth I) throughout most of her childhood. Katherine Ashley was possibly the youngest daughter of Sir John Champernowne and Margaret Courtenay. She married John Ashley, a gentleman of the court and a distant relative of Anne Boleyn, in 1545.

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  5. Birth Elizabeth of York was born at the Palace of Westminster as the eldest child of King Edward IV and his wife, Elizabeth Woodville. [6] Her christening was celebrated at Westminster Abbey, sponsored by her grandmothers, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, Duchess of Bedford, and Cecily Neville, Duchess of York.

  6. Jul 23, 2021 · Born on June 15, 1519, Henry was the illegitimate child of Henry VIII and his mistress Elizabeth Blount, a lady-in-waiting to Queen Katherine of Aragon. He was given the surname Fitzroy, meaning ...

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  7. Sep 6, 2015 · History of Elizabeth l: 1533-1549. “ The birth of Elizabeth on 7 September 1533 was a bitter disappointment to Henry Vlll and Anne Boleyn, who had desperately wanted a son. Nonetheless, until she was two and a half years old the baby enjoyed the title of’princes’ and lived in her own household, where she had precedence over her half ...

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