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  1. Adam Clarke Commentary. Verse Esther 1:9. Also Vashti the queen — [Persian] Vashti is a mere Persian word; and signifies a beautiful or excellent woman. Made a feast for the women — The king, having subdued all his enemies, left no competitor for the kingdom; and being thus quietly and firmly seated on the throne, made this a time of general festivity.

  2. ” (Esther 9:29) “And the decree of Esther confirmed those matters of Purim, and it was written in the book.” (v. 32) As revealed in Holy Scripture the history of queen Esther is a story of constant advancement.

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  4. Chuck Smith Bible Commentary. Let us turn to the book of Esther for our study. The book of Esther is not in a chronological order in these books of history. If the book of Esther were placed in a chronological order, it would have to actually come before the book of Nehemiah. Ezra records the first return from the captivity.

  5. Sep 10, 2021 · A young Jewish woman, Esther, outshined all the rest. “So he [the king] set a royal crown on her head and made her queen instead of Vashti” ( Esther 2:17 ). Soon after Esther was crowned, an upheaval in the kingdom began. Haman, the king’s right-hand man, hated the Jewish people. No one knew Esther was Jewish.

  6. Esther’s story Esther (Hadassah), the Jewish teen who gets chosen to be the replacement queen, after Vashti was deposed, is the other woman in this story. And usually commentary is all about her, as she is the main figure in this book of the Bible.

  7. Jun 23, 2021 · The first wife of Ahasuerus (Xerxes I, reigned 485–465 B.C.E.), the king of Persia, Vashti is the featured character in the first episode of the Book of Esther, a Jewish novella composed in the late Persian/early Hellenistic period (fourth century B.C.E.). King Ahasuerus, in the midst of a banquet with his noblemen, summons Vashti to appear before the company with her royal crown upon her head, so that he can show off her beauty.

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