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  1. Vashti Murphy McKenzie (born May 28, 1947) is a bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and author of six books. In 2000, McKenzie became the first woman to be elected as bishop in the denomination's history.

  2. 4/28 ((from Steph)) Ever notice that the story of Esther involves two women, both queens of the most powerful man of their time, who outrightly disobey? Queen Vashti, King Xerxes’s first wifey, refuses the king’s command to come to his party in Esther 1:12. There’s much debate in commentator world on why Vashti chose to disobey….

  3. Is Queen Vashti, a woman who stepped out of the box to get some fresh air to liberate other women to know this is how to do it regardless if one is at the top? Has Queen Vashti's name been used as a scapegoat to take the focus off, of men wrongful doings? Did she contribute to the king's thinking twice before neglecting or mistreating Queen Esther?

  4. May 18, 2018 · His Majesty, the clown prince jester. It may come as no surprise to loyal readers that Alex Jones, the vaunted king of alternative media is an absolute fraud. However, many still do not know that the moniker, Alex Jones, is yet another pseudonym hiding a royal lineage. Quite frankly, after all one has learned regarding who actually owns the US ...

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  6. Sep 10, 2021 · Esther [lower-alpha 1] is described in all versions [lower-alpha 2] of the Book of Esther as the Jewish queen of a Persian king Ahasuerus. [1] In the narrative, Ahasuerus seeks a new wife after his queen, Vashti, refuses to obey him, and Esther is chosen for her beauty.

  7. Apr 04, 2019 · This official, who ‘served as an accountant on an inspection tour from Susa’, could be, he suggests, ‘the biblical Mordecai because, in all likelihood, Mordecai was an official of the king prior to his being invested in [Est.] 8.2 with the powers previously conferred on Haman’. To Moore, ‘at first glance all of this seems rather ...

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