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  1. Jan 1, 2018 · Watch Now. Vashti (2018) 01/01/2018 (US) 5m. User. Score. What's your Vibe ? Overview. Vashti, the Queen of Persia, loses her crown when she refuses to appear at a drunken council meeting wearing only her crown and nothing else. Her act of feminist resistance is echoed through the ages, culminating with the #MeToo movement of 2018. Candy Kugel.

    • “It Happened in The Days of Ahasuerus”
    • Vashti in Modern Literature
    • Conclusion

    The megillah opens with a display of rudeness: Why, the rabbis wonder, does the text fail to note the king’s title? Shouldn’t it have read: “It happened in the days of KingAhasuerus”? The reason, the rabbis infer, is because, technically, it was true. Ahasuerus was not yet king — he was merely angling to become the monarch of a newly-formed empire....

    Like ancient commentaries, modern versions are rife with opportunities for reimagining Vashti. Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s The Woman’s Bible cheers, “[Vashti] added new glory to [her] day and generation … by her disobedience; for resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” In her short story Vashti and the Angel Gabriel, Rabbi Jill Hammer imagines the...

    The Talmud (Chagigah 3b) describes a lesson taught by Rabbi Elazar ben Azaria in the great yeshivah at Yavneh. “Make your ears like a funnel,” he urged his students, “praise those who deem the matter pure, and those who reject it as impure. Acquire for yourself an understanding heart to listen both to those who validate and those who invalidate.” R...

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  3. May 9, 2017 · The unspoken name of God, “I AM,” is used only in Exodus and Esther. When God came to deliver Israel from their Egyptian oppressors, God told Moses “I AM” sent you ( Exodus 3:8-14 ). God also used His Name “I AM” when He spoke of delivering the Jews from their Babylonian oppressors ( Esther 7:5 ). Most readers paint Queen Vashti ...

    • Julie Barrier
  4. Sandra E. Rapoport is an attorney, Bible teacher and award-winning author, whose books give voice to the women of the Hebrew Bible. Sandra was Resident Scholar in Law and Bible at Harvard University. Her third book, Biblical Seductions, won a National Jewish Book Awards Finalist Prize, and was a Boston Globe Top-Ten Bestseller.

  5. Queen is a 2018 Indian Malayalam -language drama thriller film directed by Dijo Jose Antony and produced by Arabian Dreams Entertainment Co by Shibu K Moideen & Rinshad Vellodathil. It features Saniya Iyappan as a student in Mechanical Engineering batch. [1] The idea was inspired from the 2015 Onam Celebration that took place in College of ...

    • Shibu K. Moideen, Rinshad V
    • 12 January 2018 (India)
    • Arabian Dreams Entertainment
    • Jakes Bejoy
  6. Oct 11, 2018 · 10/11/2018 From Oct. 14-28 we will be spending time with the Book of Esther in worship. This three-week series will explore the characters of Queen Vashti, Mordecai, and Queen Esther as they work together and separately to resist the powers of Empire in their own ways.

  7. Mar 23, 2016 · Here are the basics of the Purim story, as told by Dena Klein, a rabbi at Chavurat Tikvah in New York City: “King Ahasuerus loved to have parties and he had this giant event where he asked his ...

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