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    Vashti was a queen of Persia and the first wife of Persian King Ahasuerus in the Book of Esther, a book included in the Tanach and the Old Testament and read on the Jewish holiday of Purim. She was banished for her refusal to appear at the king's banquet to show her beauty as the king wished, and Esther was chosen to succeed her as queen. That refusal might be better understood via the Jewish tradition that she was ordered to appear naked. In the Midrash, Vashti is described as wicked and vain.

  2. Vashti was Queen of Persia and the first wife of Persian King Ahasuerus in the Book of Esther. Ahasuerus ordered his chief eunuchs to carry out his command to bring Queen Vashti to stand before his courtiers and show off her exceptional beauty.

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    Vashti. A queen of Persia. (biblical character) quotations . 1611, The Holy Bible, [ …] ( King James Version ), London: [ …] Robert Barker, [ …], OCLC 964384981, Esther 1:9: Also Vashti the queen made a feast for the women in the royal house which belonged to king Ahasuerus. A female given name from Persian of biblical origin.

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    Releegion. Zoroastrianism. Vashti ( Ebreu: וַשְׁתִּי ‬, Vashti, Koine Greek: Αστιν Astin) wis Queen o Persie an the first wife o Persie King Ahasuerus in the Beuk o Esther, a beuk included in the Tanakh ( Ebreu Bible) an read on the Jewish holiday o Purim . This releegion -relatit airticle is a stub. Ye can help Wikipaedia bi ...

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  6. Dec 12, 2019 · Vashti. character in the Book of Esther; queen of Persia. Vashti rebutjant l'ordre del rei, d'Edwin Long. Upload media. Wikipedia. Instance of. human biblical figure. Present in work. Book of Esther.

  7. The Book of Esther is a 2013 American biblical-drama film directed by David A. R. White and starring Jen Lilley as Esther. The film portrays a Jewish girl, Esther, who is chosen as the new queen consort to King Xerxes I of Persia and her efforts to stop evil Lord Haman's plot to exterminate the Jews.

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