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    • Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise. The princess married Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia, who became the emperor of Germany. Their son was Kaiser Wilhelm of WWI notoriety.
    • Prince Albert Edward Wettin. Prince Albert succeeded his mother as King Edward VII. Through King Edward VII, Queen Elizabeth is Victoria’s great-great-granddaughter.
    • Princess Alice Maud Mary. Alice married Prince Ludwig of Hesse. Their daughter Alexandra, or Alix, married Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia. Alix and Nicholas were the heads of the famous Romanov family who met a grisly fate.
    • Prince Alfred Ernest Albert. The prince also married into the Russian royal bloodline in his union with Grand Duchess Marie, daughter of Czar Alexander II.
  1. Like the Queen, they grew up to become important figures in British history. Let’s meet them… Queen Victoria’s children. Victoria, Princess Royal. The eldest child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, little Victoria – or ‘Vicky’, as her family called her – was born 21 November 1840.

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    • Victoria Adelaide Mary, Princess Royal (November 21, 1840–August 5, 1901) married Frederick III of Germany (1831–1888) Kaiser Wilhelm II, German Emperor (1859–1941, emperor 1888–1919), married Augusta Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein and Hermine Reuss of Greiz.
    • Albert Edward, King of England as Edward VII (November 9, 1841–May 6, 1910) married Princess Alexandra of Denmark (1844–1925) Duke Albert Victor Christian (1864–1892), engaged to Mary of Teck (1867–1953)
    • Alice Maud Mary (April 25, 1843–December 14, 1878) married Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse (1837–1892) Princess Victoria Alberta of Hesse (1863–1950), married Prince Louis of Battenberg.
    • Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh and of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (August 6, 1844–1900) married Marie Alexandrovna, Grand Duchess, Russia (1853–1920) Prince Alfred (1874–1899)
  2. Jun 17, 2020 · Queen Victoria’s children Black Friday offer: save 55% on a BBC History Magazine or BBC History Revealed subscription Queen Victoria had nine children – four boys and five girls born between 1840 and 1857 – with her husband, Prince Albert.

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    • Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise, Princess Royal. Born: 21 November 1840. Died: 5 August 1901 (aged 60) Victoria and Albert’s first born, Victoria, or ‘Vicky’, was a precocious child with a passion for learning and a mischievous sense of humour – although she could also be emotional and highly-strung.
    • Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. Born: 9 November 1841. Died: 6 May 1910 (aged 68) Victoria and Albert named their second child Albert Edward, although he was known as ‘Bertie’ and then Edward VII after he succeeded the throne.
    • Princess Alice Maud Mary, Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine. Born: 25 April 1843. Died: 14 December 1878 (aged 35) From an early age, Alice was an exceptionally caring individual, always keen to help others less fortunate than herself.
    • Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Born: 6 August 1844. Died: 30 July 1900 (aged 55) Victoria and Albert’s second son, Alfred – or ‘Affie’ – was a cheerful, industrious boy; a keen learner who particularly liked geography and the sciences, experimenting with toys and later building his own.
  3. Queen Victoria's Children. Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, raised their extensive royal family within the traditions of classic British monarchical traditions. Eight of their children went on to marry into other royal families. The nine children were: Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise was the oldest of the children. She was born on ...

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