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    Quenya (pronounced [ˈkʷɛn.ja]) is one of the fictional languages devised by J. R. R. Tolkien and used by the Elves in his legendarium.. Tolkien began devising the language around 1910 and restructured the grammar several times until Quenya reached its final state.

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    Quenya is a fictional language devised by J. R. R. Tolkien, and used in his fictional universe, often called Middle-earth.Here is presented a resume of the grammatical rules of late Quenya as established from Tolkien's writings c. 1951–1973.

    • auta-, av-, va- (< wa-)
  3. The Eldarin languages can be divided into two groups: Quenya language and Telerin languages (which includes Telerin, Nandorin, and Sindarin). Quenya. Quenya is an Elvish language. It was spoken by the Vanyar and Noldor elves in Valinor. When the Noldor returned to Middle-earth in the First Age, they brought Quenya with them.

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    Quenya From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection. Quenya is an artificial language created by the English philologist and author of “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Hobbit”, etc., J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973). The native language of the High Elves, Quenya was inspired by Finnish and Latin. It

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    El quenya (pronunciáu /AFI: [ˈk w ɛɲa] /); tamién llamáu qenya, quendya, alto élfico, alta llingua, llingua antigua, llingua de los elfos de Valinor y otres denominaciones ye, xuntu col sindarin, l'idioma más espublizáu y estudiáu de les más de quince ideolengues que, con distintos graos de detalle, fueron inventaes pol escritor y filólogu británicu J. R. R. Tolkien y usaes nel so ...

    • Desconocíu
    • Mundo fantásticu d'Arda
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    't Quenya is 'n fantasietaol die door de elve in de fantasiewereld vaan J.R.R. Tolkien weurt gesproke. In d'n tied boe-in The Hobbit en The Lord of the Rings speule is de taol al oetgestorve en weurt ze slechs levend gehawwe es cultuurtaol, op 'n meneer wie 't Latien in de modernen tied es klassieke taol functioneert. 't Quenya is neve 'n aander elvetaol, 't Sindarijns, de einege vaan Tolkien ...

  8. Tengwar is a constructed writing system, invented by J. R. R. Tolkien.The tengwar is used in his fictional world Middle-earth, for example the book The Lord of the Rings.In the Quenya language, tengwar means "letters", tengwa is the singular and means "letter".

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    The Quenya consonant system has five places of articulation: labial, dental, palatal, velar, and glottal. The velars distinguish between plain and labialized (that is, articulated with rounded lips, or followed by a [w] sound). Each point of articulation, and the corresponding tengwa series, has a name in the classical Quenya mode.

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    Quenya on yksi fantasiakirjailija J. R. R. Tolkienin kehittämistä keinotekoisista kielistä. Tolkienin luomassa fantasiamaailmassa quenya on yksi haltioiden puhumista kielistä. Sitä puhuivat suurhaltioihin lukeutuvat noldor - ja vanyar -kansat, jotka asuivat Amanissa läntisen meren takana.

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