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  1. Radiation is another major tool oncologists have in the fight against cancer. Sometimes radiation is used in combination with surgery such as in breast cancer. One of the ways doctors can deal with breast cancer is by performing conservative surgery where only the breast lump is removed.

  2. Radiation oncologists are medical doctors who specialize in using high energy X-rays to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors in different parts of the body. These doctors work closely with each member of the radiation team--and doctors from other oncology disciplines-- to develop the overall plan, monitor progress, make adjustments as needed ...

  3. Fighting Cancer with Technology. At Sutter’s nine cancer centers, radiation oncologists use a range of radiation therapies to destroy cancer cells and spare healthy tissue. Medical imaging technologies, including X-ray, MRI, CT and PET, are used to design your care plan.

  4. Radiation Oncology Radiation Oncology MercyOne Waterloo Cancer Center is the first and only cancer treatment center in Northeast Iowa region to provide radiation therapy services. Radiation oncology is the study and treatment of cancer using high energy radiation to control malignant cells.

  5. Radiation Oncology Our expert team treats more than 3,600 patients a year and offers the most advanced radiation therapy available today, finely targeting radiation to tumors with more precision than ever before. Radiation Oncology Treatments Options We offer several types of radiation therapy, including but not limited to what is listed below.

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    Our highly skilled doctors (radiation oncologists) deliver expert care for common and complex forms of cancer – including cancers that return after traditional treatment. We offer a broad range of treatment options so you can get more of the care you need without traveling great distances.

  7. The Radiation Treatment Center is located in the Main Building, floor 1, near Elevator G. Outpatient radiation oncology services are located in the Mays Clinic, Floor 1, near Elevator R. Get driving and walking directions Our Radiation Treatment Center check-in area Radiation Therapy: An Introduction Knowledge Center

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