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  1. List of The Andy Griffith Show episodes - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_The_Andy_Griffith
    • Pilot
    • Episodes in Black and White
    • Episodes in Color

    "No. in series" and "No. in season" for the pilot dictate the airing and location of the episode within the parent series.

    Season 1

    All episodes in black and white

    Season 4

    All episodes in black and white. The DVD and iTunes releases and streaming services follow the originally intended broadcast order and list A Date for Gomer as episode 9 and Up in Barney's Roomas episode 10.

    Season 5

    1. This is the last season with Barney Fife as a regular character. It is also the final season to be shot in black and white. 2. In the season's final episode, a mention is made of Haymore and Rockford Streets, which was near the actual location of Andy Griffith's home as a child.

    Season 6

    1. At the beginning of this season, The Andy Griffith Show went from black and white to color, beginning with the episode "Opie's Job". All subsequent episodes in Seasons 6, 7 and 8 were filmed in color. 2. The CBSin Color logo was introduced at the start of this season. 3. Don Knotts has left the series as a main character, making guest appearances following the end of Season 5.

  2. Jack Prince (singer) - Wikipedia › wiki › Jack_Prince_(singer)

    Little is known of his work during the 1970s and 80s. In September 1991 Prince reprised his role of Rafe Hollister on TNN's Nashville Now. He and Hal Smith, who played town drunk Otis Campbell on The Andy Griffith Show, appeared together in a jail skit, and Prince sang The Lonesome Road, a song heard in the Rafe Hollister Sings episode. Death

  3. Rafe Hollister | Mayberry Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Rafe_Hollister

    Rafe Hollister Rafe Hollister is a farmer, former moonshiner and occasional vocal performer of Mayberry played by actor Jack Prince in three episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. He is married to Martha Hollister. He can be ill-tempered and stubborn, but has shown to have a soft Southern charm.

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  5. List of The Andy Griffith Show characters - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_The_Andy_Griffith

    In episodes 001 and 002, Andy refers to him as "Cousin Barney". In episode 025, his middle name is said to be "Oliver"; in episode 082, his middle name according to his high school yearbook is "Milton", in episode 157 (season 5) his middle initial is repeated as "P".

  6. Jack Prince - Biography - IMDb › name › nm0697666

    When "The Andy Griffith Show" started on TV in the early 1960's, Griffith asked Prince to appear in a few episodes. Prince, who first appeared in two minor roles on the show, was best-known, and is best-remembered today, for his role of Rafe Hollister".

  7. Andy Griffith - Wikipedia › wiki › Andy_Griffith

    Griffith's friendship with the then-unknown Ron Howard began in 1960 when they guest-starred in the episode of Make Room For Daddy that led to the formation of The Andy Griffith Show the same year. For eight seasons, they starred together in most of the show's episodes, portraying father and son.

  8. The Andy Griffith Show - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Andy_Griffith_Show

    On February 15, 1960, The Danny Thomas Show episode "Danny Meets Andy Griffith" aired. In the episode, Griffith played fictional Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry, North Carolina, who arrests Danny Williams (Thomas' character) for running a stop sign. Future players in The Andy Griffith Show, Bavier and Howard, appeared in the episode as townspeople Henrietta Perkins and Opie Taylor (the sheriff's son), respectively.

  9. Rafe Hollister Sings: Directed by Charles Irving. With Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts, Parley Baer. When image-conscious Mayor Stoner objects to a golden-voiced--but wardrobe-challenged--farmer chosen to represent Mayberry in the upcoming musicale, Andy must find a way to appease all sides.

  10. Jack Prince | Mayberry Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Jack_Prince

    Jack Prince (January 19, 1920 - January 8, 1994) appeared in six episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. He first met Andy Griffith when they performed together in the Broadway musical "Destry Rides Again". 1 Appearances 1.1 The Andy Griffith Show 2 Notes 3 External Link 4 Jack Prince Sings Alcohol and Old Lace as Ben Sewell The Inspector as Luke Ranier Andy Forecloses as a rummage sale customer ...

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