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  1. to cause something to increase or become bigger, better, higher, etc.: The government plan to raise taxes. I had to raise my voice (= speak more loudly) to make myself heard over the noise. The inspector said that standards at the school had to be raised. Our little chat has raised my spirits (= made me feel happier).

  2. to move to a higher position; lift up; elevate: to raise one's hand; sleepy birds raising their heads and looking about. to set upright: When the projection screen toppled, he quickly raised it again. verb (used without object), raised, rais·ing. to be able to be lifted or pulled up: The window raises easily.

  3. RAISE meaning: 1 : to lift or move (something or someone) to a higher position; 2 : to lift or move (something or someone) to a standing or more upright position often + up The Britannica Dictionary mobile search

  4. to bring (something volatile or intense) into being a proposal to cover the library's red brick with vinyl siding raised a mighty ruckus with those favoring historical preservation. Synonyms & Similar Words. provoke. promote. encourage. trigger. stimulate. incite. cultivate.

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  6. (= lift) object, arm, head → heben; blinds, eyebrow → hochziehen; (Theat) curtain → hochziehen; (Naut) anchor → lichten; sunken ship → heben; (Med) blister → bilden; to raise one’s hat to somebody (lit, fig) → den Hut vor jdm ziehen or lüften; to raise one’s glass to somebody → jdm zutrinken; to raise one’s fist to somebody → jdm mit der Faust drohen; to raise one’s hand against somebody → die Hand gegen jdn erheben; to raise one’s eyes to heaven → die Augen ...

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