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  1. Jury Awards 'Tex' Cobb $10.7M - CBS News › news › jury-awards-tex-cobb-107m

    Jun 11, 1999 · A jury on Friday ordered Time Inc. to pay $10.7 million to ex-heavyweight boxer Randall "Tex" Cobb for a 1993 Sports Illustrated article that said he fixed a fight and shared cocaine with the...

  2. COBB v. TIME INC | FindLaw › us-6th-circuit › 1233277

    Plaintiff RandallTexCobb, a former professional boxer and character actor, sued defendant Time, Inc. d/b/a Sports Illustrated (“SI ”) for libel. The action arose out of an article that appeared in the October 4, 1993 edition of the publication Sports Illustrated, a prominent national sports magazine.

  3. Randall "Tex" Cobb - Wikipedia › wiki › Randall_"Tex"_Cobb

    A 1993 Sports Illustrated article alleged that Cobb had participated in a fixed fight with Sonny Barch and had used cocaine with Barch and promoter Rick "Elvis" Parker before and after the fight. Cobb said the magazine libeled him, and he sued for US$150 million.

    • 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
    • Tex
    • American
    • Randall Craig Cobb, May 7, 1950 (age 70), Bridge City, Texas, U.S.
  4. LIBELED EX-BOXER $CORES K0 OVER SPORTS ILLUSTRATED › 1999/06/11 › libeled-ex-boxer-cores-k0

    Jun 11, 1999 · A federal jury today decides on punitive damages for bit-part actor and burly ex-boxer RandallTex” Cobb – accused in a libelous 1993 Sports Illustrated article of smoking crack and fixing a fight.

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  6. Dec 06, 1982 · Right state, wrong site. If ever a fight belonged in the Alamo, it was last Friday night's battle between WBC heavyweight champion Larry Holmes and Randall (Tex) Cobb in Houston's Astrodome. Like the Alamo, this was a mismatch involving a great measure of courage—if it can be said that jumping in front of a locomotive is courageous.

    • Pat Putnam
  7. FROM THE PUBLISHER - Sports Illustrated Vault | › vault › 1987/02/23

    Feb 23, 1987 · One way he used to ease this fear was to go to the Rosati gym in South Philadelphia and spar with a rambunctious young heavyweight named Randall (Tex) Cobb. "Oh, those were glorious battles," says the 5'10", 160-pound Dexter.

  8. Bochetto & Lentz - Our Settlements and Verdicts ... › settlements-verdicts

    • $10.7 million jury verdict obtained on behalf of ex-boxer Randall Tex Cobb, who was defamed by Sports Illustrated and falsely accused of being involved in a fixed fight. • $3.6 million settlement for executive, defamed by employer.

  9. Sports Illustrated wins appeal over boxing story verdict ... › sports-illustrated-wins-appeal-over

    Jan 31, 2002 · Sports Illustrated published an article titled “The Fix Was In” on Oct. 4, 1993. The article reported that Cobb knowingly participated with another boxer, Paul “Sonny” Barch, in fixing a boxing match in Florida in 1992. The article also said Cobb used cocaine with Barch after their fight. Cobb sued the magazine for libel in Tennessee.

  10. Randall Tex Cobb | Blame My Father › randall-tex-cobb

    RandallTexCobb was the kind of guy you really liked – or else you couldn’t stand him. For instance, my buddy Bill Gaffney married one of my aerobics girls in 1985 – but the bride refused to invite Randall to the wedding because she couldn’t stand him.

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