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  1. UEFA coefficient - Wikipedia

    The UEFA ranking determines the number of teams competing in the season after the next, not in the first season after the publication of the ranking. Thus, the rankings at the end of the 2019–20 season determine the team allocation by association in the 2021–22 (not 2020–21) UEFA season.

  2. UEFA - Wikipedia

    The top-ranked UEFA competition is the UEFA Champions League, which started in the 1992/93 season and gathers the top 1–4 teams of each country's league (the number of teams depend on that country's ranking and can be upgraded or downgraded); this competition was re-structured from a previous one that only gathered the top team of each country (held from 1955 to 1992 and known as the European Champion Clubs' Cup or simply the European Cup).

    • UEFA
    • Nyon, Switzerland
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  4. 2020–21 UEFA Nations League - Wikipedia–21_UEFA_Nations_League

    The ranking of the top four teams in League A will be determined by their finish in the Nations League Finals (first to fourth). Criteria for overall ranking. The overall UEFA Nations League rankings were established as follows: The 16 League A teams were ranked 1st to 16th according to their league rankings.

    • 59,647 (552 per match)
    • 108
    • 226 (2.09 per match)
    • 55
  5. 2020–21 UEFA Nations League A - Wikipedia

    The league consists of the top ranked UEFA members from 1–16 in the 2018–19 UEFA Nations League overall ranking, split into four groups of four. Each team will play six matches within their group, using the home-and-away round-robin format on double matchdays in September, October and November 2020. [3]

    • League phase:, 3 September – 18 November 2020, Nations League Finals:, 6–10 October 2021
    • 16
    • 32
    • Iceland
  6. List of top-division football clubs in UEFA countries - Wikipedia

    A country's ranking is calculated based on the results of its clubs in UEFA competitions over the past five seasons. Two points are awarded for each win by a club, and one for a draw. If a game goes to extra time, the result at the end of time is used to calculate ranking points; if the match goes to a penalty shootout, it is considered to be a draw for the purposes of the coefficient system.

  7. UEFA Respect Fair Play ranking - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The UEFA Respect Fair Play ranking was used by UEFA from 1995 to the 2015–16 season to grant three berths for the first qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League. Since that time it has granted a monetary prize to winning associations.

  8. Coefficiente UEFA - Wikipedia

    Il coefficiente UEFA o ranking UEFA, a livello calcistico, è un sistema utilizzato dall'UEFA introdotto nel 1979 per classificare le squadre impegnate nei tornei continentali: le nazionali e i club.

  9. UEFA Country Ranking 2020 -

    The UEFA country ranking is determined by the sum of the UEFA country coefficients over the last 5 years. The column 'teams' lists the number of participating teams in the last year. In the current season also the number of teams still in competition is listed (and indicated by color). For more info see Coefficient calculations.

  10. Współczynnik UEFA – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopediaółczynnik_UEFA

    Ranking 2017 będzie wyznacznikiem liczby drużyn klubowych z poszczególnych federacji i ich rozstawienia w rozgrywkach międzynarodowych UEFA sezonu 2018/2019. Ponieważ w latach 2018–2021 będzie obowiązywał nowy – niepotwierdzony oficjalnie – schemat podziału miejsc w Lidze Mistrzów i Lidze Europy UEFA [7] , dane na ten temat w ...

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