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  1. It's All About the Benjamins - Wikipedia's_All_About_the_Benjamins

    After the final verse, the song reverts to the first sample and ends shortly after. In 2008, it was ranked number 32 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop. Puffy also released a rap rock version of the song, "It's All About the Benjamins (Rock Remix)".

  2. Planet Rock (song) - Wikipedia

    "Planet Rock" later was released on the album titled Planet Rock: The Album in 1986. The song was listed as one of the best singles of 1982 by the NME and was described by Robert Palmer of The New York Times as "perhaps the most influential black pop record of 1982", noting its influence on "both the black pop mainstream and several leading ...

  3. List of music styles - Wikipedia

    Occasional music: military music, marches, national anthems and related compositions Regional and national music with no significant commercial impact abroad, except when it is a version of an international genre, such as: traditional music , oral traditions , sea shanties , work songs , nursery rhymes , Arabesque and indigenous music .

  4. Sabotage (song) - Wikipedia

    The song is included in the track list for the 2007 video games Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and Rock Band. The song is heard early in J.J. Abrams' 2009 Star Trek film, played on a car stereo by an adolescent James T. Kirk. This is one of the few uses of licensed music in a Star Trek production.

  5. Rock the Boat (Aaliyah song) - Wikipedia

    "Rock the Boat" is a song by American recording artist Aaliyah. It was written by Static Major, Eric Seats and Rapture Stewart for her 2001 self-titled album. "Rock the Boat" was posthumously released as a single in January 2002 in the United States and May 2002 in the United Kingdom.

  6. Top rap rock artists |

    Kid Rock (born Robert James Ritchie on January 17, 1971), is an American singer-songwriter and rapper from Detroit with five Grammy Award… Flobots 523,948 listeners

  7. Yelawolf - Wikipedia

    Michael Wayne Atha (born December 30, 1979), better known by his stage name Yelawolf, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and business owner. Born and raised in Gadsden, Alabama, Atha embarked on his career in 2005—releasing independent solo material from then until 2010—he released one extended play (EP) and four mixtapes.

  8. Rap-Rock Music Genre Overview | AllMusic

    Rap-rock was a little more organic, often because it was a rock song where the vocalist rapped instead of sang. Nevertheless, there was certainly elements of hip-hop in the rhythms, too, since there was more funk to rap-rock than normal hard rock.

  9. Pete Rock - Wikipedia

    Peter O. Phillips (born June 21, 1970), better known by his stage name Pete Rock, is an American record producer, DJ and rapper.He is widely recognized as one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time, and is often mentioned alongside DJ Premier, RZA and J Dilla as one of the mainstays of 1990s East Coast hip hop production.

  10. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two - YouTube

    Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock's official music video for 'It Takes Two'. Click to listen to Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock on Spotify:

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