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  2. 1 : an eruption on the body 2 : a large number of instances in a short period a rash of complaints rash 2 of 3 adjective 1 : marked by or proceeding from undue haste or lack of deliberation or caution a rash promise 2 obsolete : quickly effective rashly adverb rashness noun rash 3 of 3 adverb archaic : in a rash manner Did you know?

  3. definitions sentences thesaurus No direct definitions yet Top synonyms hastily adverb In haste; with speed or quickness; speedily; nimbly. hurriedly adverb In a hurried or hasty manner rashly adverb In a rash manner; with precipitation. fast adjective Acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly Words in adjective Holding office a

  4. 6 days ago · 2. countable noun. A rash is an area of red spots that appears on your skin when you are ill or have a bad reaction to something that you have eaten or touched . I noticed a rash on my leg. He may break out in a rash when he eats these nuts. The symptoms include skin rashes, fever, and painful joints.

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  6. Word Family. When you do something rashly, you act without stopping to think things through. Don't rashly promise your friend that you'll bake three dozen cookies for her party without making sure you have time to do it!

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