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  1. Do you need to copy text and paste it into a new window, or can the program work directly within an application (like Word or Powerpoint), or does it just read the text on your screen? Speed: how many pages of text or words can be converted to voice at once? How quickly does the conversion happen?

  2. The Read Text Extension lets an external program or web application read text from Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, Web Writer or the system clipboard. If you use it to read text aloud, it can help you to edit your writing or to compare your document's text with a printed document.

  3. * When sharing web pages to @Voice, their menus, navigation, ads, other junk are removed, leaving clean text to read or listen. * In WhatsApp use Export Chat function to send chats to @Voice for listening * If "Share" is not available, copy text in another app and paste it into @Voice for aloud reading.

  4. Now playing text copy and paste. Now playing text copy and paste. Now playing text copy and paste ...

  5. The software also supports epub, rtf or html text. You can copy and paste a text, let your computer read it out loud and continually let the Text Reader run in Windows´ background. That means, every time you copy a text to clipboard, TTS will read it out loud automatically. This method works for all supported document types.

  6. * Click "Share", "Send by Email" button or menu item in any app to send text you read to @Voice Aloud Reader for aloud reading over speakers or headset. * If "Share" is not available, copy text in other apps and paste it into @Voice for aloud reading. * Open text, PDF, DOC, EPUB/MOBI/FB2 or HTML files from Android file system for reading aloud.

  7. To open the Research pane, in the Mini Translator, click Expand. Top of Page. Copy a translation to the Clipboard. You can easily copy the contents of the Mini Translator pane to the Clipboard, and then paste it into another document, such as an email message. Point to a word in your document. In the Mini Translator, click Copy. Top of Page

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