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  1. Post reading activities such as this are easy for all age groups to adapt their skill level and text style. If want to learn more about characters be sure to read our complete guide here. 125 Text Response ACTIVITIES, Games, Projects for ANY BOOK

  2. This paper demonstrates practical ways in which to integrate reading and writing through before-reading, during-reading, and after-reading activities. Before-reading activities aim to activate schema by helping students relate what they already know to a reading, or by building relevant background knowledge (Alvarez and Risko, 1989, Barnett, 1988).

  3. Aug 25, 2019 · Whether your students are engaged in whole-class texts, literature circles, book clubs, or independent reading, you’ll need to gauge their analytical thinking. There are traditional assessment tools, like summary writing, graphic organizers, and quizzes, but after a while, these approaches can start to feel stale, both for the teacher and ...

  4. Mar 11, 2022 · When your students finish reading a story, short text or long article, most reading comprehension activities look very similar to the following: Sarah went to the (beach/park). There, she met a friend who went to (science class /summer camp) two years ago.

  5. Activities: A good scanning activity is a “running race.” To do this activity, prepare 9 or 10 questions about the details of a text; these questions should not be subjective but have one clear objective answer. This activity can work both before students read the text or as a review activity when students have finished the reading.

  6. After-reading activities are also great for substitute or casual teachers. Many hours of learning can be provided by using a great book and giving students choices in the activities. Below you will find 30 teacher resource activities to use in the classroom. 30 After Reading Activities for Kids

  7. In tape-assisted reading, students read along in their books as they hear a fluent reader read the book on an audiotape. For tape-assisted reading, you need a book at a student's independent reading level and a tape recording of the book read by a fluent reader at about 80-100 words per minute. The tape should not have sound effects or music.

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