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  1. What Happens During An Alien Abduction? | Real Aliens › what-happens-during-an-alien

    Aug 04, 2015 · According to the best analysis we have, alien abductions are occurring for four primary reasons: An alien-hybrid race is being created. That’s why there’s so much focus on people’s reproductive systems and children. These hybrids look and sound just like us, but they have an allegiance to their alien creators.

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    The first alleged alien abduction claim to be widely publicized was the Betty and Barney Hill abduction in 1961. UFO abduction claims have declined since their initial surge in the mid-1970s and alien abduction narratives have found less popularity in mainstream media.

  3. 9 Alien Abduction Stories That Seem Disturbingly True › alien-abductions

    Oct 07, 2020 · Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images Barney and Betty Hill were an American couple who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. Barney and Betty Hill took a spontaneous trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire in September 1961.

  4. Real Alien Abduction Stories - Real Aliens | Are Aliens Real ... › real-alien-abduction-stories

    Real alien abduction story? When Boas was considered a simple farmer, he was considered too ignorant to have made it up; later as a lawyer, he was considered too sophisticated. Throughout his life he never wavered in the details of the narrative. Some have been taken against their will aboard craft–alien craft.

  5. Aliens Are Real. UFO Evidence Of Alien Abduction | by Carel ... › illumination › aliens-are-real-an-alien

    Aliens Are Real. An Alien Abduction Rape. Carel Kolchinski. Follow. Feb 18 · 7 min read. UFO Evidence Of Alien Abduction. Image by Andreas Schlereth on Pixabay ...

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  7. The Shocking Truth About Alien Abductions (They’re More Real ... › 2013/11/04 › the

    Nov 04, 2013 · The Alien Agenda. The majority of all abduction victims claim that Grey aliens are the ones responsible, with other testimonies including praying-mantis-like, reptilian, and other humanoid beings. Deep research into this area has revealed that there are many types of extraterrestrial beings who are engaging with humans on earth at this time. Many of these encounters are not for positive or beneficial reasons, as we are beginning to see, but some of them are for uplifting and helpful purposes.

  8. Rescued By Nordic Aliens – One Woman’s Amazing Alien ... › 2020 › 10

    Oct 07, 2020 · by Alien UFO Sightings October 7, 2020 0 comment Elena Danaan was rescued from the clutches of the Zeta Greys when she was just nine years old by Nordic aliens during a frightening alien abduction. Her protectors as she calls them, have remained close to her and she has kept in contact with them for almost a lifetime.

  9. Pascagoula Abduction - Wikipedia › wiki › Pascagoula_Abduction

    The Pascagoula Abduction was an alleged UFO sighting and alien abduction in 1973, in which Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker claimed they were abducted by aliens while fishing near Pascagoula, Mississippi.

  10. Top 20 Proof Of Aliens Pictures Ever Taken – Proof Of Aliens Life › top-20-proof-of-aliens-pictures
    • Ex Engineer and employee of Area 51 in Nevada holds the photo of a deceased alien that was being kept in the underground lairs of Area 51. The alien in the photo has a large skull and snub nose and has two arms.
    • A mysterious alien body is seen in the background of the photo that ex firefighter Jim Templeton had taken for his daughter in 1964. What looks like a superimposed image of a space astronaut, is actually a mysterious figure that Templeton has no idea how got added in the picture.
    • The alleged men in black aliens who had visited a hotel looking for a couple of UFO witnesses are seen in the picture as they enter the hotel lobby.
    • A security overlooks the dead body of an alien that is kept inside a glass coffin. The alien is about four feet tall and has large black eyes without any nose or ears.
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