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  1. This truly could be the first real video (taken by a security camera) showing an actual alien abduction captured on film! Please leave your thoughts!

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    • ShamRock1938
  2. Jessie's daughter Syd went missing without a trace from Phoenix Arizona, home of the legendary and very scary Phoenix lights phenomena. As Jessie investigate...

    • 13 min
    • 43.9K
    • GG13: The Haunted World of CW
  3. Aug 20, 2019 · Xufazi. 1:32. Aliens caught on tape in California Ufo sightings and real aliens caught on tape Ufo 2013 エイリアン. Mysterious World. 9:04. Alien abduction Jesse Long Abducted By Aliens at only 5 years old! School. 15:29. Alien abduction Jesse Long Abducted By Aliens since age of 5 2010 vhsrip 9min xvid.

    • August 20, 2019
    • Top 5 Unknowns
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  5. My wife and I found an SD card by her parents' house and this was the video that was on it. I took it to the police the next day after copying it. They had n...

    • 9 min
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    • AJ Meadows
  6. Alien Abduction, UFO 360° Animation - Experience in [3D, VR, 4K] VideoMinecraft 360°(VR) Videos: @VR Planet - Minecraft How to watch 360°(VR) video on Yout...

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    • VR Planet
  7. See for more about the paranormal and unexplained. This is not one of the many "hoax" videos on YouTube. This is the real vid...

    • 2 min
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    • MuseumOfTheWeird
  8. The Most Disturbing Case of Alien Abduction Ever › 0805 › alien-abduction

    The Alien Agenda. This case is tentative evidence that at least some alien visitors are not friendly. Given the amount of UFO & extraterrestrial activity evidenced in the thousands of videos & photographs in public archives, including UFOs on NASA's own footage, it is likely that there multiple extraterrestrial races existing in our solar system.

  9. Hello Dear ViewersToday's video is related to mysterious and otherworldly creatures, which we also call aliens. In this video you will see staggering footag...

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    • Hindi Chilling Stories
  10. Five UFO Movies Based On Real Events | Mysterious Universe › 2018 › 10
    • The UFO Incident (1975) One of the first cases of alien abduction on record — and arguably the most famous — is that of Betty and Barney Hill, a middle-aged couple who encountered a UFO on the night of 19 September 1961 while driving late at night in New Hampshire.
    • Communion (1989) Whitley Strieber’s 1987 book about his claimed encounters with non-human entities was an instant bestseller, and, to date, has sold more than two million copies worldwide.
    • Intruders (1992) 1987 saw the publication of Budd Hopkins’ Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods. The book investigated the claims of a number of alleged alien abductees, but was more specifically concerned with the case of Debbie Jordan-Kauble (known in the book as “Kathie Davis”).
    • Fire in the Sky (1993) In 1975, Travis Walton, a logger from Snowflake, Arizona, famously claimed to have been taken aboard a flying saucer and to have interacted with two different species of aliens.
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