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  1. Aug 5, 2015 · What Does a Title Company Do? A title company ensures you’re buying a legitimate piece of real estate and it helps transfer the title from the seller to you. Read more about how they do that and learn about title insurance.

  2. Dec 7, 2023 · A title company is a third party that works on behalf of both the lender and the home buyer and verifies that the seller is legally able to sell the property.

  3. Mar 17, 2024 · Your title company is a neutral third party hired by you (typically through your lender) to research and insure the title of the home you’re buying. Plus, they'll manage the closing of your home.

  4. Feb 1, 2019 · Title companies generally act as the combined agent of the insurance company, the buyer, the seller, and any other parties related to a real estate transaction, such as mortgage lenders.

  5. Nov 25, 2021 · Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of a real estate title company: Past Title Search. Issues with the Original Contract. Navigate Title Policies. Closing on Your Property. Past Title Search. Many newly built homes may not provide easy access to history, especially those built in newer or updated neighborhoods.

  6. Feb 16, 2022 · What are the responsibilities of a title company in a real estate transaction? Here’s a rundown of the various roles and responsibilities fulfilled by a title company in a transaction.

  7. Mar 7, 2023 · During home sales, a title company is primarily responsible for transferring the property rights from one owner to the next, and clearing the path for the process to proceed, explains...

  8. Dec 28, 2020 · A real estate title company provides a handful of essential services to homebuyers throughout the various phases of closing. Here’s what you can expect.

  9. A title company is a third party that helps move along the home buying/selling process in a smooth manner. It researches property titles, issues title insurance, holds funds in escrow, and acts as a closing agent.

  10. Atlanta Title Company LLC attorneys provide real estate title closing services for Atlanta and State of Georgia for home buyers, sellers, lenders.

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