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  1. Aug 30, 2021 · Smooth muscle is present throughout the body, where it serves a variety of functions. It is in the stomach and intestines, where it helps with digestion and nutrient collection. It exists throughout the urinary system, where it functions to help rid the body of toxins and works in electrolyte balance. It is present throughout arteries and veins, where it plays a vital role in the regulation of ...

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  2. Oct 04, 2019 · Smooth Muscle Definition. Smooth muscle is a type of muscle tissue which is used by various systems to apply pressure to vessels and organs. Smooth muscle is composed of sheets or strands of smooth muscle cells. These cells have fibers of actin and myosin which run through the cell and are supported by a framework of other proteins.

  3. A smooth muscle antibody (SMA) is a type of antibody known as an autoantibody. Normally, your immune system makes antibodies to attack foreign substances like viruses and bacteria. An autoantibody attacks the body's own cells and tissues by mistake. SMAs attack smooth muscle tissues in the liver and other parts of the body.

  4. Smooth muscle determines the flow of blood in the arteries. In arteries, smooth muscle movements maintain the arteries' diameter. Smooth muscles in arteries and veins are largely responsible for regulation of blood pressure. Arteries have thick walls due to smooth muscle cells, which help them carry blood away from the heart to every part of ...

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  6. The cremaster muscle is a paired structure made of thin layers of striated and smooth muscle. The muscle name is derived from a Greek word meaning “suspender.” In reality, the muscle has 2 parts, a lateral and medial cremaster muscle.

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