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  1. List of Royal Navy rear admirals - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · The admiral would in turn be assisted by a vice admiral, who commanded the lead ships which would bear the brunt of a naval battle. In the rear of the naval squadron, a third admiral would command the remaining ships and, as this section of the squadron was considered to be in the least danger, the admiral in command of the rear would typically ...

    Francis Henry Blackburne
    3 March 1900
    Sir Harry Tremenheere Grenfell, KCB, CMG
    21 March 1900
    Sir Baldwin Wake Walker
  2. William A. Moffett - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Further reading. Edward Arpee, From Frigates to Flat-tops: The story of the life and achievements of Rear Admiral William Adger Moffett, U.S.N."The Father of Naval Aviation" October 31, 1869-April 4, 1933.

  3. Karl Dönitz - Wikipediaönitz

    4 days ago · On 1 October 1939, Dönitz became a Konteradmiral (rear admiral) and "Commander of the Submarines" (Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote, BdU). For the first part of the war, despite disagreements with Raeder where best to deploy his men, Dönitz was given considerable operational freedom for his junior rank.

  4. Erica Schwartz - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Erica G. Schwartz is a U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps rear admiral who currently serves as the Deputy Surgeon General of the United States.As a Commissioned Corps officer, she served with the U.S. Coast Guard as their Chief of Health Services and Chief of Preventive Medicine at the U.S. Coast Guard headquarters and became its principal expert on flu pandemics.

    • Deputy Surgeon General of the United States, Chief Medical Officer, U.S. Coast Guard
    • Rear Admiral
  5. David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty - Wikipedia,_1st_Earl_Beatty

    5 days ago · David Richard Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty, GCB, OM, GCVO, DSO, PC (17 January 1871 – 12 March 1936) was a Royal Navy officer. After serving in the Mahdist War and then the response to the Boxer Rebellion, he commanded the 1st Battlecruiser Squadron at the Battle of Jutland in 1916, a tactically indecisive engagement after which his aggressive approach was contrasted with the caution of his ...

  6. Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Ross, John (1777 ...,_John_(1777-1856)_(DNB00)

    4 days ago · ROSS, Sir JOHN (1777–1856), rear-admiral and Arctic navigator, born on 24 June 1777, was fourth son of Andrew Ross of Balsarroch in Wigtonshire, and minister of Inch, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Corsane, provost of Dumfries, as his direct ancestors of the same name had been for seventeen successive generations. Andrew Ross [q. v ...

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  8. List of people from Missouri - Simple English Wikipedia, the ...

    2 days ago · Wayne E. Meyer (1926–2009), U.S. Navy Rear Admiral; "father of the Aegis weapons system" David Moore (1817–1893), Mexican–American War officer and Union Civil War Brigadier General John Henry Parker (1866–1942), "Gatling Gun Parker"; hero in the Spanish–American War ; only U.S. soldier to be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross ...

  9. Digby County, Nova Scotia Genealogy • FamilySearch,_Nova...
    • History
    • Maps and Gazetteers
    • Civil Registrations
    • Census
    • Church Records
    • City, Provincial, and Business Directories
    • Land Records
    • Military Records
    • Newspapers and Obituaries
    • Repositories

    Digby, which was named in honour of Rear Admiral Robert Digby. Digby County was established in 1837. Previously, from August 17, 1759, when Nova Scotia was first divided into counties, this area had been part of Annapolis County.

    1700-1900 - Nova Scotia.caHistorical Maps of Nova Scotia 1895 - Collections CanadaElectoral Atlas of the Dominion of Canada (1895)

    According to Nova Scotia Archives Records Management: "Civil registration of vital statistics began in Nova Scotia in 1763 with the introduction of procedures for obtaining a marriage licence; the procedure was optional and the surviving records are incomplete. Formalized registration of births, deaths and marriages began in 1864 and continued to 1877, at which time record-keeping lapsed for births and deaths, but continued for marriages. Compliance was not universal during this period and there are gaps in the surviving records. Since 1 October 1908, birth, death and marriage registrations have been collected and maintained continuously."

    In Canada, census returns are closed for 92 years after the time of enumeration. Census returns prior to 1851 are rarely complete for any area, and the census returns for Annapolis County in 1851 did not survive. 1. 1861- For each county, the agricultural returns follow immediately after the personal returns for the whole county. 2. 1871- The personal returns for each enumeration sub-district appear in schedule one. The agricultural returns are schedules three to five and are keyed to schedule one by page and line number rather than by name.

    1720-2001 - Nova Scotia Church Records, images.
    1757-1946 - Acadia, Canada, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), images. ($)
    1823-1905 - Nova Scotia, Antigonish Catholic Diocese, images.
    Nova Scotia, Canada, Antigonish Catholic Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1823-1905, index and images, ($). *1856-1970 - U.S., Dutch Christian Reformed Church Vital Records, images ($)
    1758-1952 Ancestry $Publications of the governments of Nova Scotia
    1868-1869 Collections CanadaPDF file of McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory
    1880-1881 FamilySearchMcAlpine's maritime provinces business directory
    1890-1897 Collections CanadaPDF file of McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory
    1732-1864 - Nova Scotia land grants, microfilm.
    1763-1970 - Land records, microfilm.
    1854-1953 - Land grants, microfilm.
    1965-1970 - Card file index to deeds, grantor and grantee, microfilm, Index.
    The American Civil War : the service records of Atlantic Canadians with the State of Maine volunteers
    The civil sword : James Delancey's Westchester Refugees
    1749-1867 - Index to commissions in the Public, index.
    List of Nova Scotia newspapers available on microfilm at Library and Archives Canada: Library and Archives Canada
    Nova Scotia vital statistics from newspapers FamilySearch
    1752-1988 - Hicks, Brenda, Lynn Murphy, and Anjali Vohra. Nova Scotia Newspapers: A Directory and Union List, 1752-1988. Halifax, Nova Scotia: School of Library and Information Studies, Dalhousie U...
    1757-1957 - Tratt, Gertrude E. N. A Survey and Listing of Nova Scotia Newspapers, 1752-1957, with Particular Reference to the Period Before 1867.Halifax, Nova Scotia: Dalhousie University, 1979.

    Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, formerly the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS): 6016 University Avenue Halifax, Nova Scotia (902) 424-6060 The library holdings are only available for use on-site, but there are numerous databases and materials available through the Virtual Archives, including the searchable database of Historical Vital Statistics. If you're planning a visit to the library, you can search a portion of the catalogue online in advance (as of July 2010, 20,000 entries); the remaining 50,000 titles are listed in the Archives Reading Room Card Catalogue, available onsite. Search for 'Annapolis' in Acadia University's Planter Databasefor a more convenient way to view NSARM's record holdings.

  10. 中将 - Wikipedia中将

    6 days ago · また、海洋大気局士官部隊に至っては、最高位である長官(司令官)は少将(Rear Admiral upper half)の階級をもって充てられており、過去には中将に昇る者があったものの、現在では事実上廃止(In-active)された階級となっている。

  11. 自衛隊の階級 - Wikipedia自衛隊の階級

    20 hours ago · Admiral(英語版防衛白書) Vice Admiral (VADM) (中将相当 からの訳例) 空将 General(英語版防衛白書) Lieutenant General (LtGen) (中将相当 からの訳例) 将補: 陸将補 Major General (MG) 海将補 Rear Admiral (RADM) 空将補 Major General (MajGen) 佐官 1佐: 1等陸佐 Colonel (COL) 1等海佐