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  1. We address the high variability in sex offender recidivism rates by examining several of the critical methodological differences that underlie this variability. We used a dataset on 251 sex offenders (136 rapists and 115 child molesters) who were discharged over a 25-year period to examine changes i …

  2. 2019. $193,390. Recidivism of Sex Offenders Released from Prison in 1994. Date Published. November 2003. Series. Recidivism of Prisoners Released. Publication Type. Publication.

  3. Overall, follow-up studies typically find sexual recidivism rates of 10%-15% after five years, 20% after 10 years, and 30%-40% after 20 years ( see, Hanson, Morton, & Harris, 2003). However, these numbers are conservative because not all offences are detected.

  4. Similar to the pattern for rapists, child molesters with more than one prior arrest had an overall recidivism rate nearly double (44.3 percent compared to 23.3 percent) that of child molesters with only one prior arrest. As might be expected, child molesters were more likely than any other type of offender—sexual or nonsexual—

  5. Although the long-term recidivism rates for the child molesters were substantial, the recidivism rates for the nonsexual criminals were even higher, 61% versus 83.2%, respectively, for any reconviction. That nonsexual criminals have higher recidivism rates than child molesters runs contrary to the common assumption that child molesters are a particularly high risk group of offenders.

  6. (June 2019) This report is the sixth in a series of recidivism reports and provides an analysis of federal firearms... Learn more Reply Comment from March 15, 2019

  7. The sexual recidivism rates of sex offenders range from about 3 percent after 3 years to approximately 24 percent after 15 years. The highest recidivism rates have been found among child molesters who offend against boys. Comparatively lower recidivism rates have been found for rapists, child molesters who victimize girls, and incest offenders.

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