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  1. The Red Lantern Corps is a supervillain and sometimes anti-heroic organization appearing in DC Comics. Their power is derived from the emotional spectrum relating to rage. [1] Contents 1 Publication history 2 Fictional group history 2.1 Rage of the Red Lanterns 2.2 Sciencell riot 2.3 Blackest Night 2.4 The New 52 and solo title 2.5 DC Rebirth

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    Atrocitus' first discovery of the red spectrum came during the years of incarceration he endured on the prison planet of Ysmault. He blames the Guardians of the Universe for the massacre of his sector, and because of this Atrocitus built up years of hatred and rage. When he gave in fully to his rage, it was given shape for the first time when he bludgeoned Qull to death, one of his fellow survivors, with a Red Lantern Power Battery.

    Equipment: * Red Lantern Power Battery

    Red Lantern Central Power Battery

    As they have no use for their hearts, the Red Lanterns are unaffected by the heart-ripping attack of a Black Lantern.

    Few Red Lanterns make use of their rings ability to make constructs rather preferring to attack them with their bare hands or burn them, Atrocitus himself, despite possessing the clarity to think while using his ring, never makes constructs. Hal Jordan in the short time he wore one, was the first Red Lantern to use constructs, as he possessed the strength of will to create them.

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    Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1

    (December, 2008)

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    Red Lanterns: Futures End #1

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    Atrocitus (of Sector 666): Last survivor of the Five Inversions and of the massacre executed by the Manhunters on their corrupted mission. He is also the leader of the Corps and creator of the Red Lantern power battery. He was formerly the only Red Lantern that had complete control over himself (unlike the other feral members of the Red Lantern Corps).

    Other Leaders

    Skallox: A huge hulking humanoid alien whose head resembles a goat's skull that is shown among the Red Lanterns during Final

    The Red Lantern Power Ring.

    Red Lanterns use red power rings, fueled by the rage of their users and those around them. Like other power rings, the ring covers the user in a protective aura which shields them from harm and enables flight, and can create "Hard Light" constructs. The power ring fires blasts of rage energy. The user's blood is replaced by a form of corrosive, rage-energized blood. The user can regurgitate this blood. The blood has the effect of bursting into flames of rage; the flam

    The Red Lantern Corps in Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

    Red Lantern Members in full glory.

    Hal Jordan as Red Lantern

    Supergirl as Red Lantern

  4. Oct 31, 2019 · Led by the villainous Atrocitus, the Red Lanterns are powered by the red light of hate, bathed in blood and anger. Here are the ten most powerful members of the Red Lantern Corps. 10/10 Rankorr Otherwise known as Jack Moore, Rankorr was a kid from Earth who lived with his brother Ray and their grandfather after the passing of their mother.

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