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    Is the movie Red Riding 1974 a good movie?

    Who are the actors in the Red Riding trilogy?

    How long is the movie Red Riding trilogy?

    How did the series Red ridings get its name?

  2. Red Riding: 1974 (2009) - Rotten Tomatoes › m › red_riding_1974

    Audience Reviews for Red Riding: 1974. Aug 07, 2013. It definitely gets off to a very slow start, but Red Riding: 1974 eventually escalates into a nightmarish and intense thriller that has one of ...

    • (12)
    • drama, crime, mystery & thriller
  3. Red Riding: 1974 - Movie Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes › m › red_riding_1974

    Red Riding: 1974 1h 42m drama , crime , mystery and thriller

  4. RED RIDING 1974 (REVIEW) | › 21346 › review-red-riding-1974

    Red Riding 1974 is very much a noir style film (each of the movies feels like they belong in their own crime genre), and the identity of the killer seems to be pretty obvious from the get-go (whether or not the identity of the killer is who we think it is has to wait until Red Riding 1983, but by then it’s really obvious). Also obvious: the ...

  5. Red Riding Trilogy movie review (2010) | Roger Ebert › reviews › red-riding-trilogy-2010

    Mar 10, 2010 · "Red Riding: 1974" is by Julian Jarrold, whose "Brideshead Revisited," "Becoming Jane" and "Kinky Boots" are all some distance from the immediacy of his 16mm film. "Red Riding: 1980" is by James Marsh, whose documentaries "Man on Wire" and "Wisconsin Death Trip" don't suggest the 35mm feature feel of his segment.

  6. DVD Talk › reviews › 42084

    Feb 05, 2010 · The first installment in a trilogy of British television crime dramas, "Red Riding: 1974" sets quite a bleak tone of criminal assault from the very start. A haunting, ornately designed odyssey of journalism, corruption, and viciousness, "1974" is an evocative motion picture that soars above its modest television origins.

  7. Red Riding: 1974 | Reelviews Movie Reviews › reelviews › red-riding-1974

    Red Riding: 1974 is a challenge. The convoluted story is not easily summarized and it demands constant viewer attention. A two-minute trip to the lavatory or snack bar can be deadly. For American audiences, there is an additional problem: some of the accents are so thick that it can be difficult to decipher dialogue and entire passages may be ...

    • Andrew Garfield
    • Julian Jarrold
  8. Non-Review Review: Red Riding – The Year of Our Lord 1974 ... › 2012/11/27 › non-review-review

    Nov 27, 2012 · Read our complete reviews of the Red Riding trilogy: 1974; 1980; 1983; Red Riding: 1974 is easily the best of a strong trilogy, and a fantastic place to start. It has a rich atmosphere, a great cast and it actually stands up relatively well on its own terms. If you are looking for many of the familiar noir devices in a strange setting, then Red ...

  9. Apr 09, 2010 · In contrast to the dirty working world seen in RED RIDING 1974, this film focuses on the sterile whites of the police department and the corruption lying beneath its neutral facade. As of press time, I was unable to screen the final movie in the trilogy, RED RIDING 1983, so I leave this review –appropriately– as a cliffhanger.

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