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  1. Nujabes - Reflection Eternal Lyrics | › nujabes › reflectioneternal

    Nujabes "Reflection Eternal": Hair piled up Piled up high Your hair piled up Piled up high Hair piled up Piled up high Your hair...

  2. Nujabes – Reflection Eternal | Genius › Nujabes-reflection-eternal-annotated

    Reflection Eternal Lyrics. Hair piled up. Piled up high. Your hair piled up. Piled up high. (2x) Hair piled up. Piled up high. Your hair piled up. Piled up high. (2x) You're a flower. You're a river

  3. Uptown XO – Reflection Eternal Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Uptown-xo-reflection-eternal-lyrics

    Reflection Eternal Lyrics: All we ask is trust / It's so obvious, so obvious / The answer's like Iverson, what the problem is / So glorious, and notorious / Ain't no Biggie about what I did, I ...

  4. Reflection Eternal – Eternalists Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Reflection-eternal-eternalists-lyrics

    Oct 17, 2000 · Am I eternal.. or an eternalist? Soon as we showed up I sensed nervousness As soon as we rolled up y'all niggas burn to this In this journey you're the journal I'm the journalist

  5. Reflection Eternal Lyrics › artist › Reflection-Eternal

    Reflection Eternal. Reflection Eternal is a hip hop duo composed of emcee Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek. They released their first album, Train of Thought, in 2000. They have since released a mixtape, The RE: Union, in late December 2009, and their second album Revolutions Per Minute was released May 18, 2010. Update this biography »

  6. Reflection Eternal lyrics - 50 song lyrics sorted by album, including "City Playgrounds", "The Blast", "Some Kind Of Wonderful".

  7. Reflection Eternal – The Blast Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Reflection-eternal-the-blast-lyrics

    Jul 16, 2000 · The Blast Reflection Eternal. Produced by Hi-Tek. Album Train of Thought. The Blast Lyrics [Intro] Let me, let me practice.. hehehe, ehehe Talib.. T'Kwi, Kweli - I can't say it! That's wack..

  8. Reflection Eternal - On Mission Lyrics | › lyrics › reflectioneternal

    On Mission, we intercept your transmission Bringin exactly what the fans missin You, bare witness to, the transition like Give me that microphone, man listen "Talib Kweli it's the Reflection" "Hi-Tek" "When we livin this shit" "Out of the 7-18 we meet the 51-3" I blast through your illusions Shatterin your shadow as I snatch the light from you

  9. Reflection Eternal - Manifesto Lyrics | › lyrics › reflectioneternal

    Reflection Eternal "Manifesto": Manifesto, this is what we want to see happen For my peoples still breakin graf writin and rappin I...

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