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  1. Thomas Attwood | British economist | Britannica

    6 days ago · He founded, in January 1830, the Birmingham Political Union, regarded as the political organization most effective in exerting pressure on the government for passage of the Reform Bill of 1832. Attwood formed the union because of widespread economic distress, particularly after 1826.

  2. Michael Thomas Sadler - Wikipedia

    Mar 01, 2021 · Parliamentary time in 1832 was largely taken up with passage of the third Reform Bill. Sadler's only recorded speech in the Reform Bill debates was a short one on Hunt's amendment for a 'scot-and-lot' franchise "That all householders paying taxes, shall have a vote for the respective Members to be chosen in the next, and every succeeding ...

  3. Florida Alimony Reform - New Florida Alimony Law - 2021 Ayo ...

    4 days ago · Last month, House Republicans Robert “Alex” Andrade, Spencer Roach and Anthony Sabatini introduced HB 843, in another attempt to reform alimony laws in Florida. On January 13 th, Senator Kelli Stargel joined fellow Republicans by introducing her own version of the alimony reform bill, SB 1832.

  4. Texas declares independence - HISTORY

    Mar 01, 2021 · The Jones Act, the last gasp of the Prohibition, is passed by Congress. Since 1920 when the Eighteenth Amendment went into effect, the United States had banned the production, importation and sale ...

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  6. Tamworth manifesto - Oxford Reference

    5 days ago · 1835.*Peel's manifesto to his constituents is often regarded as the foundation document of modern Conservatism. The Tory Party, badly beaten at the election of 1832, faced another general election and could hardly campaign on repealing the Great Reform Act, depriving Birmingham, Leeds, and Sheffield of their new representation, and restoring Gatton and Old Sarum.

  7. Oxford Handbook of the Georgian Theatre, 1737-1832 - Oxford ...

    3 days ago · This Handbook provides an essential guide to theatre in Britain between the passing of the Stage Licensing Act in 1737 and the Reform Act of 1832—a period of drama long neglected but now receiving significant scholarly attention.

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  8. William Cobbett | British journalist | Britannica

    3 days ago · Although he had no love for the Whigs, Cobbett supported the parliamentary Reform Bill of 1832, which, despite its limited nature, he sensed was the best that could be had. In 1830 agricultural labourers in his beloved southern England had rioted in protest against their low wages.

  9. From a city of aquatint 73 | Rajiva Wijesinha

    2 days ago · Byron was a more powerful force on the Continent than in England, where the Reform Bill of 1832 had settled the more violent civil confusions of the time.

  10. 13 local schools support resolution opposing bills that don't ...

    6 days ago · The eight voting schools unanimously passed a resolution opposing three pieces of proposed legislation: House Bill 1005, Senate Bill 413 and Senate Bill 412. Posted: Mar 2, 2021 1:23 PM Updated: Mar 2, 2021 10:17 PM

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