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  2. Reindeer Games movie review & film summary (2000) | Roger Ebert

    "Reindeer Games" is the first All Talking Killer picture. After the setup, it consists mostly of characters explaining their actions to one another. I wish I'd had a stopwatch, to clock how many minutes are spent while one character holds a gun to another character's head and gabs. Charlize Theron and Gary Sinise between them explain so much they reminded me of Gertrude Stein's line about Ezra ...

  3. Reindeer Games (Deception) (2000) - Rotten Tomatoes

    While Reindeer Games has its issues, it's entertaining and delivers some fun thrills. Dann M Super Reviewer. Dec 14, 2011. Full Review Coming Soon! Chris B Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews

    • (88)
    • crime, drama
    • R
  4. Reindeer Games (Deception) - Movie Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes

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  5. Reindeer Games - Rolling Stone

    Santa Claus lies dead in Michigan, oozing blood in the snow. It's the grabber first image in a movie that unravels in flashback. Reindeer Games is a pungently nasty thriller that arrives two m…

  6. Reindeer Games - Plugged In

    Summary: Reindeer Games exists for its twists and turns, a bevy of unexpected revelations that unfold throughout, but do so with a vengeance in the movie’s final ten minutes. At the risk of having my press privileges revoked, I dare not say who does what to whom.

  7. Reviews: Reindeer Games - IMDb

    Irregardless of its uncountable flaws, "Reindeer Games" (or "Deception" as it is called in the UK) is a fun film, John Frankenheimer's final movie. "Reindeer Games" is often linked as Frankenheimer's long-time dream picture, much like Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time in America."

  8. Reindeer Games | Reelviews Movie Reviews

    With the possible exception of the talent involved, everything about Reindeer Games smacks of a B movie, the kind of film that, with a lesser cast, would have been shipped directly to Cinemax or Showtime. Reindeer Games suffers from a poorly written...

  9. DVD Review - Reindeer Games (original and Director's Cut)

    Site created 12/15/97. review added: 8/17/00 updated: 6/29/01 Reindeer Games review by Greg Suarez of The Digital Bits

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