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  1. Instructions for using this page to practice remote viewing Targets: Below you will see a series of numbers. Each number is the reference number (“coordinate”) for an individual practice... To begin, on a piece of paper write down the target number for whichever target you choose to remote view. If ...

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    Target Practice Page. These links will take you directly to a target. Do not click on these links unless you are ready to view your target at your exact pre-specified feedback time and date. REMEMBER: You are NOT remote viewing these targets. You are remote viewing YOURSELF in the future at your feedback time and date!

  3. Remember – pick a target number from the list below, write down the target number. Do your remote viewing session then find your way back here to download your feedback files for this target – DO NOT CLICK OR OPEN IT BEFORE YOU DO YOUR REMOTE VIEWING. The Original Remote viewing targets.

  4. A target can be just about anything. Whatever a remote viewer chooses or is asked to remote view, is known as ‘the target’. It can be an object, a location, an activity, an event, a person, an animal, a journey, a technology, an archeological site or anything else.

  5. Mar 15, 2023 · practice targets - practice targets You are here: Home practice targets The targets have now moved to here:

  6. Jun 7, 2015 · DO NOT CLICK ON THIS NUMBER until you have completed your session. On a slip of paper, write down the target number for the target you choose to try to remote view. Gather a few sheets of blank paper and pen in a quiet place where you will be free to work undisturbed for the time necessary.

  7. Remote Viewing Target Practice - International School of Clairvoyance Gestalts Targets Location Targets Pictogram Targets Event Targets Animal Targets Real Object Targets Real People Targets NY Times Targets License Plate Targets Number Targets Vechicle Targets International School of Clairvoyance

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